Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My lovely pencil case, where are you?

I know you all assuredly have favourite stuff. I think it may be your handphone, laptop, or your vehicles. Those stuffs are also my favourite, but there is another stuff that I love more. It's my pencil case. How is your feeling when you lost it? I guess, you will be very sad, yeah like I am right know. I am extremely sad losing my lovely little black pencil case. The reasons why I really love my pencil case are enough complicated. My pencil case is the smallest pencil case I've ever had, so it makes me easier to bring than the other pencil cases that I have. I bought it when I was in the second grade in highschool, so I have a lot of memories with it. Everytime I do my examinations, my pencil case always in my side. And today, November, 1th 2011, maybe the last day I was with it. Hwaaaa I am really sad. My lovely pencil case, where are you?
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