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Catatan Belajar Bahasa Jepang #3

Sebelum mempelajari kata ganti penunjuk, ada baiknya mengenal terlebih dahulu beberapa kata benda dalam bahasa Jepang, yang nantinya bisa digunakan dalam penyusunan kalimat yang menggunakan kata ganti penunjuk ini.

1. Bunga: Hana 花

2. Mawar: Bara ばら
3. Melati: Jasumin ジャスミン
4. Bunga matahari: Himawari ひまわり
5. Blus wanita: burūsu ブルース
6. Rok: sukāto スカート
7. Kemeja: shatsu シャツ 
8. Baju hangat: sētā セーター
9.Jaket: jaketto ジャケット
10. Piyama: pajama パジャマ 
11. Pabrik: kōjō 工場

12. Apartemen: apāto  アパート
13. Bioskop: eigakan 映画館

14. Butik: butikku ブテイック
15. Gimnasium:  taiikukan 体育館

16. Toko roti: panya パン屋

17. Mal: mōru モール
18. Bengkel: shūrikōjō 修理工場

19. Tempat pengisian bahan bakar: gasorin sutando ガソリンスタンド
20. Kolam renang: pūru プール
21. Kantor pos: yūbinkyoku  郵便局

22. Pasar: ichiba 市場

23. TK: yōchien 幼稚園

24. SD: shōgakkō 小学校

25. SMP: chūgakkō 中学校

26. SMA: Kōtōgakkō 高校学校

27. Bandar udara: kūkō 空港

28. Toko: mise 店

29. Kafe: Kissaten きっさてん
30. Laboratorium: kenkyūjo 研究所

31. Kantor: jimusho 事務所

32. Pelabuhan kapal: minato 港

33. Toko kelontong: shokuryohinten 食料品店
34. Masjid: mosuku モスク
35. Universitas: daigaku 大学

36. Perpustakaan: toshokan 図書館

37. Rumah sakit: Byōin 病院

38: Halte bus: basu taminaru バスタミナル  
39. Stasiun kereta api: eki 駅

40. Bank: ginkō 銀行

41. Pusat perbelanjaan: depāto デぱート
42. Kantor polisi: keisatsusho 警察署

43. Hotel: hoteru ホテル
44. Museum: hakubutsukan 博物館

45. Restoran: resutoran レストラン
46.Sekolah: gakkō 学校

47. Taman: koōen 公園

48. Kebun: niwa 庭

49.Apotek: yakkyoku 薬局

50. Panci: katanabe かたなべ
51. Spatula: hera へら
52: Piring: sara 皿

53. Mangkuk: chawan 茶碗

54. Kompor: sutōbu ストーブ
55. Sumpit: hashi 箸

56. Sendok: supūn スプーン
57. Garpu: fōku フォーク
58. Pisau: naifu ナイフ
59. Ketel: yakan やかん
60. Cangkir: kappu カッパ
61. Tatakan cangkir: ukezara 受け皿

62. Wastafel dapur: nagashi 流し

63. Keran air: jaguchi 蛇口

64. Lemari kecil: kyabinetto キャビネット
65. Pemarut: oroshi おろし
66. Tempat air: mizusashi 水差し

67. Lemari penyimpan makanan: shokuryōchozōshitsu 食糧貯蔵質
68. Pensil: enpitsu 鉛筆

69. Pulpen: pen ペン
70. Staples: hochikisu ホチキス
71. Penggaris: monosashi 物指し

73. Peraut pensil: enpitsukezuri 鉛筆削り

74. Pelubang kertas: panchi パンチ
75. Klip kertas: kurippu クリップ
76. Kertas: kami 紙

77. Tip x: naoshi eki なおしえき

Sampai di sini dulu ya, beragam kata bendanya, bisa dilanjut di post berikutnya

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How To Conquer The Cold Call

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Do you know what is cold call? The cold call is a term to describe a situation between the salesperson and the buyer. In this situation, the salesperson has never contacted the buyer before. Unlike the warm call, the situation is different. The salesperson has ever contacted the buyer, so the buyer has been quite familiar to the salesperson. In the cold call situation, the buyer doesn't expect or don't have any preliminary preparation of being contacted by the salesperson. Usually, the product or service offered is expensive. Hence, the chance of being rejected by the buyer is quite high. Unless, as the salesperson, you do pay attention to the certain things. To get the acceptance or trust from the buyer, you have to be:
  1. Honest about yourself, your product, and your experience
  2. Realistic about what it can and what it can not do for the buyer
  3. Communicative, you have to maintain the relationship with the buyer, you have to help the buyer to identify the problems and offer a solution.
  4. Concerned about the buyer and the buyer's needs.
Besides that, there are also some tips to conquer the cold call. Firstly, you have to be the resource. In the term of becoming the center of information. You have to be knowledgeable about the products, about the trends, about the competitors, and even about the world business. So, every time the buyer asks you some questions, you can promptly answer the questions dauntlessly. 

Secondly, by paying attention to give the question with care. You can throw any question started with "what" or "how" so it will make the buyer tend to explain the answer, not just saying "yes" or "no". For example: (the salesperson: S and the buyer: B)
S: How does it work?
B: It works well. We don't do a lot of copying documents do it suits us. 

S: What happens then?
B: The service technician usually doesn't come for a day or more, so we just have to wait until he gets here and fixes it. That delays things a bit. A few times we've had to send some documents to outside vendors for copying.

S: How will your copying situation change?
B: I haven't thought about that, we will be copying a lot more. 

Thirdly, we have to be ready resolving any objections. Occasionally, the buyer raises an objection by saying "It won't work for us" or "We don't need it". What you have to do is just listening to the buyer passionately and then you can demonstrate how your product or service indeed help the buyer's problem. If your product really isn't the answer for the buyer's problem, you have to acknowledge it and leave the buyer graciously. 

So, how to conquer the cold call are by being honest, realistic, communicative, concerned about the buyer and the buyer's need. Moreover, you have to be the resource, giving the question with care, and be ready to resolve an objection. 

To make it clear, I will give the example of a conversation between the salesperson and the buyer in the cold call situation:

S: What can I do for you?
B: I am looking for Glibenclamide and Metformin.
S: If I am allowed to know, for whom the medicine will be given?
B: The medicine is for my mother. She has been the diabetics for 11 years. 
S: I see, what has the doctor said to you or to your mother?
B: The doctor said that my mother has to intake the medicine routinely.
S: What will happen if your mother misses one or two tablets?
B: Her glucose concentration will increase and something bad to her health may occur.
S: I see. How was your mother's health condition so far? 
B: She was just fine. But, sometimes she complains about the big size of the tablet. However, it's not a really big deal since I can tear it into two pieces so the size will become smaller and she is able to intake it easily.
S: How was your mother reaction every time she intakes the medicine?
B: Still, sometimes she complains about other things. She complains about the bitter taste of the medicine. For this case, I couldn't do anything, I keep forcing her to intake it even though she felt uncomfortable with it for the sake to make her always healthy.
S: Well, so your mother feels uncomfortable every time she intakes the medicine due to the big-size and the bitter taste of the medicine. But, for the bitter taste, you couldn't do anything to make it better. 
B: Yes, that's what happened. I suppose if we could find something to make her comfortable every time she intakes the medicine, my mother will be very happy to hear that. 
S: If you don't mind. I would like to introduce you to this new device which is quite pricey around 40 million rupiahs. 
B: Yes, go ahead. 
S: This is a syrup maker, it can convert the medicine in the tablet form into the syrup form. So, of course, the size will become smaller. 
B: I know, yet, without that pricey device, actually I still can tear the tablet into two pieces to make her easily intake it. 
S: Wait, I haven't finished yet. Since it is in the form of syrup, so your mother will feel comfortable with the sweet taste. One more thing, special for diabetics patient, it provides an alternative sugar so it will not affect her glucose concentration. 
B: Wow, interesting! This is what I have been looking for, Well, I would need to know the exact amount of money we are talking about.
S: I can give you this brochure to let you know the detail of the price. If you would like to know more about the device. I invite you to come to our demonstration session in this place on Saturday at 3 pm. You will get information about how the device works, what kind of other features provided, and other technical things. 
B: Okay, thank you for the brochure and the invitation, I will arrange my schedule to be able to attend the demonstration session.
S: Well, I am looking forward to seeing you.

Beware: all of the things discussed in above conversation is not real. It's just for the example. 

Based on the conversation above. The salesperson was being honest and realistic because the salesperson didn't exaggerate anything about the products. The salesperson was communicative because frequently in the beginning of the conversation, the salesperson asked a lot of question to the buyer. The salesperson also concerned more to the buyer by asking the question which is only correlating to the buyer. If not, the salesperson may talk a lot about his/her syrup maker start in the beginning of the conversation. Then, the salesperson was also becoming the resource, as the salesperson was allowed to introduce the product. The question thrown was also begun with "what" and "how", for example:

"What has doctor said to you or to your mother?", 
"How was your mother's health condition so far?", and so on. 

The last, there was a time when the buyer addressed an objection by saying:
"I know, yet, without that pricey device, actually I still can tear the tablet into two pieces to make her easily intake it". 

But then, the salesperson was able to avoid the objection by explaining more about the product which is "Wait, I haven't finished yet. Since it is in the form of syrup, so your mother will feel comfortable with the sweet taste. One more thing, special for diabetics patient, it provides an alternative sugar so it will not affect her glucose concentration". 

So, that's all about how to conquer the cold call. I hope it can be useful for you and I am dauntless to dare you to implement this when you are facing the cold call. I hope you will become the successful salesperson. 

Advanced Manual of Toastmaster International about Persuasive Speaking page 11-15. 
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Gender Relation Towards Attitude Overview's Pharmacy Students About Smoking Impacts

The title of the research is "Gender Relation Towards Attitude Overview's Pharmacy Students about Smoking Impacts". This is a research conducted by a team composed of ISMAFARSI students and KSM Eka Prasetya UI members. 

Wayne McLaren, the Marlboro Man, before he died at 51 years old, after a long struggle of lung cancer, he said to his mother, "Tobacco will kill you, and I am living proof of it". As the pharmacist, we really know about the smoking impacts, such as Larynx cancer, esophagus cancer, etc which is mention in the picture below. 

Indonesia was ranked as the third in the world as the highest number of smokers after India and China. From the total Indonesian population, 67.5% were the male smokers, 4.5% were the female smokers, while the rest were the nonsmokers. 

Other than that, 168 countries had signed the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), yet only Indonesia is neither the signatory nor the party of the FCTC. 

Health professionals have a prominent role to play in tobacco control, including pharmacist. Most of pharmacists are female. This phenomenon raises a question, do the pharmacists that is mostly female have a high concern on tobacco control? Instead of the most smokers in Indonesia are male not female.  

While there is a research found that gender is able to affect attitude. Another research found that attitude can affect the effectiveness of certain programs. So, the objective of the research was to find out about the relation of the gender towards attitude overview for pharmacy students about smoking impact. 

The study was using quantitative approach which the strategy used was a survey method with the cross-sectional type. The population of this research was the pharmacy students at Universitas Indonesia in 2014. Thirty pharmacy students were divided into two groups, the first group composed of 21 female students and the second group composed of 9 male students. 

The sampling technique was non-random sampling with the accidental sampling technique. The quantitative data was obtained from online questionnaires. The questionnaires contained 76 statements that comprised of 21 cognitive, 31 affection, and 24 behavior dimension statements. Deep interview with pharmacy students were also done to support the quantitative data. 

Saphiro-Wilk normality test and nonparametic statistical test approach (Mann-Whitney test) were used to explore the normality and to discover whether there is an attitude overview difference between female and male pharmacy students or not. 

The null hypothesis was there is no relation between female and male pharmacy students toward attitude overview about smoking impacts. While the alternative hypothesis was there is a relation between female and male pharmacy students toward attitude overview about smoking impact. The level of significance used was 5% or 0.05.

The attitude overview wa measured by calcualating each dimension separately. Every dimension was measured using likert scale which contains four categories: strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. Then, the total scores were divided by 5 so it would be resulting 5 ranges. 

The result was firstly, on the cognitive dimension, it was shown the p value (level of significance value) was 0.859 which is more than 0.05. Then, it's concluded that there is no relation between gender and attitude overview's pharmacy student on cognitive dimension. Cognitive dimension according to Greenberg and Baron (1997) is the component of attitude variable refers to intelligence elements (intellectual) to find out an object, that is to know how far an individual knows some things correlated to the object. This research found out that female and male pharmacy students have the same cognitive dimension about smoking impacts. Both have the same level of knowledge that smoking can cause several diseases. Since both has already studied about it in the same college, the same subject, and at the same time. 

Secondly, on the affection dimension, the p value was 0.114 which is still more than 0.05 so we can conclude that there is no relation. Affection dimension is the component of attitude variable which gives evaluation to assess an object about feeling or emotions. This research found out that female and male pharmacy students have the same affection about smoking impacts. Both have same feelings that both are upset if there is someone smokes in the public area or there is smokers from their friends or relatives according to the data obtained through the questionnaires assessment. 

Thirdly, on the behavior dimension, the result showed that the p value was 0.04 which is less than 0.05 so we can conclude that there is relation between gender and attitude overview's pharmacy student about smoking impacts. Behavior dimension is the component of attitude variable which refers on how individual defines actions/behaviors towards an objects that individual knows or feels. This research found out that male pharmacy student have lower tendency to behave on smoking impacts. It may be caused by the higher tendency of male students to try smoking. This thought was also supported by male pharmacy student while having the deep interview.
"I often hear that there is smoker among pharmacy student. He becomes smoker because of his environment".
Hence, the conclusion was there is no relation between gender and attitude overview's pharmacy student about smoking impacts on cognitive and affection dimension. Nevertheless, there is relation between the gender and attitude overview's pharmacy student about smoking impacts on behavior dimension. This research result can be useful for the government to make the strategy how to involve pharmacist on tobacco control regarding to the gender. 

That's all. Thanks for reading the post. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. For full text about the research, you can contact me by filling the comments below. 
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Squid Ink Waste: The Alternative for L-Dopa Raw Material

L-Dopa is the common medicine used for Parkinson disease treatment. Parkinson disease is a movement disorder with the symptoms are tremor on the arm, leg, face, and jaw, joint stiffness, and balance disorder. See the video below.

Video Source:

Besides those physical symptoms, the patient also feels depressed and hard to sleep. Even though most of the patients are coming from elderly with the age over 65, but in the recent decade, a research found that this disease has started to strike a productive age over 40 years old.

If you were the patient, you would live your life really uncomfortably, with the difficultness and stiffness in the movements, depression feeling, and hard to sleep. 

While the price for L-Dopa is quite expensive, around 4500 IDR per tablet. A medicine is considered as an inexpensive or affordable medicine when the price is in the range of 200 IDR per tablet. So, the price for L-Dopa is 20 times more expensive than the affordable one. 

What does make the L-Dopa expensive?

The cost of production itself does make the L-Dopa expensive. The production involves a synthesis reaction. When you were in the high school, you might remember this scheme.

The scheme above is the production of L-Dopa reaction. The reaction that I have shown above is using catalyst, but not a simple catalyst, an expensive catalyst so it makes the whole production cost of L-Dopa expensive. 

The synthesis reaction was invented by Knowles who is the Nobel Prize winner. The process is still used by most of the pharmaceutical industries all around the world, so the price of L-Dopa is still expensive. Moreover, Indonesia is not able to produce its own L-Dopa so it makes the price of L-Dopa more and more expensive, Indonesia obtain L-Dopa by import, even there is a fact that 95% of pharmaceutical raw material in Indonesia is obtained by import so, in the other word, Indonesia is still depending on other countries on supplying the need of L-Dopa. Therefore, the expensive process and the L-Dopa that is obtained by import make the L-Dopa expensive and less affordable. 

Hence, I would like to invite all of you to agree with the idea, to use the squid ink waste as the source of L-Dopa raw material. Why squid ink?

Because there is a research that found that squid ink contains L-Dopa substance 2.18 nmol per mg. So, scientifically it is proven that L-Dopa is contained in the squid ink.

Why squid ink waste? Moreover, it will be less expensive, large in amount, and potentially to be supported by Indonesia government.

Firstly, it will be less expensive if we use the squid ink waste. Of course, since we use the waste of the squid ink that is usually thrown away by the fisherman because they think it doesn't have value, so we can get the squid ink waste for free or pay with a cheap price. Even, by utilizing the waste we help the government to decrease the water pollution as we know there are still irresponsible people who throw away the squid ink waste to the sea without thinking about its bad impact. One of the examples was in Bali which its Kedongan sea was polluted by the smelly squid ink waste. 

Other than that, we don't need to follow the synthesis process since we obtain the L-Dopa from a natural source. The common L-Dopa produced through Knowless method is the synthetic one which is from chemical substance. While the production method for natural substances and chemical substance is different. The production method for natural substance will involve extraction, isolation, and purification. Those processes are purposed to separate the L-Dopa compound from the squid ink and to have the L-Dopa in its high purity.

That's why the L-Dopa from the squid ink doesn't need to follow the expensive process from Knowless method. Even though, the production method from the squid ink is still investigated. I believe the method will be less expensive since mostly the production method from the natural source is that less expensive. 

Secondly, the squid ink is available in the large amount. Of course, because the squid ink is coming from the squid. While, the squid itself is one of the biggest export compodities in Indonesia beside shrimp, lobster, crabs, and others. The squid is available for about 25000 ton per year. So, we don't need to worry about the supply of the squid ink waste. We also don't need to worry about how to collect the squid ink waste, we can cooperate with the squid supplier so we don't need to collect the squid ink waste from the fisherman directly.

Thirdly, it is potential to be supported by the government. Jokowi, our president now, through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, tried to change our nation development direction from land-based to maritime-based. Why does maritime? As we have already known since the elementary school that the biggest part or for about two-thirds of Indonesia zone is the sea and our country is rich in maritime-based.  How come? There have been so many researches which supported that the maritime base of Indonesia is potential to be developed but for so many years it was underdeveloped. Our government now realized the opportunity to increase our economy by focusing on developing the maritime base.

So, there is no doubt that the squid ink waste is really recommended to be developed as the L-Dopa raw material because it will be really less expensive, available in a large amount, and potentially to be supported by the government. 

Therefore, I hope all of you will agree with the idea to use the squid ink waste as the L-Dopa raw material. If you agree with the idea, at the same time, you agree to change. Change to be independent, not to depend on other countries anymore. If it's not you to change, who else? I really appreciated your voice and your support.

That's all. Thank you for reading my post :D
I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. 
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