Monday, June 09, 2014


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Every people must have experienced a happiness. Happiness is a good things. Most of the people in the world are pursuing for happiness. Happiness can be given for other people or to be enjoyed by own self. 

Studying hard, working hard, practicing hard. Doing better, better, and better. All of tries will be done to grab the happiness. 

Is it good to show the happiness to other people? Normally it's not a problem. But, have you ever sensed how happiness was better saved privately for your own memories? You will feel exclusive, great, and satisfied. The feeling was like lying on a comfort chair, under the tree, viewing the beautiful of the scenery: the blue sky, the green leaves, the cool morning, without people watching you. You are free to enjoy. 

The era was changing. The example must be changed too. Show off directly to the people is not different by  using electronic devices. Don't be ignorant. This little thing can be passed offhand. 

Some of people are realize that show off is not good. Before this electronic devices come, the people are good. But after this, some people become puzzled. Confused between whether this is good or not. Because there is no example related to the era, the answer at that time was good. But, as experiencing it, the impact was barely felt. It can leave hurt to other people, maybe because they know someone got the happiness but they couldn't get. Maybe someone who got the happiness didn't know, but the facts was like that. Be careful to what will you do. Never hurt someone.

The point of reaching the happiness is to get a good things not to give a bad thing to others. Keep the happiness saved. You need the happiness and also the others. Don't make your happiness becomes a bad things to others.

Let's live happily. Without jealous, without hurt.

Go back to the rightness!
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