Saturday, May 26, 2018

How To Make Bakwan

This month is the holy month for every Moslems in the world. Ramadhan comes, Ramadhan is the time when every Moslems is fasting in a month to feel the feeling how poor people face their life without food so we can be more generous to each other. Anyway, this month, I am not in my home country, I study overseas so I live without my family. We do fasting between the sunrise and the sunset, so after the sunset, we can break the fasting. Usually, I break the fasting together with my family. We sometimes have our favorite snacks which are any kind of snacks made by frying. One of them is Bakwan. I miss eating fried snacks, especially Bakwan in this case, with my family, to erase my homesick, I made my own Bakwan. 

Here are the ingredients:

1) Pepper (the amount depends on your taste, the more you add, the spicier it will be)

2) Red Chilies (the amount depends on your taste, the more you add, the spicier it will be)

3) Shallots

4) Salt (please, set adjust with your taste)

5) Sugar (please, set adjust with your taste)

6) Egg

7) Garlic (I used the mashed garlic), fresh garlic and then you mash it is also okay

8) Leeks 

9) Wheat flour

10) Vegetables (it depends on your taste, you can put bean sprouts or other things that you think is suitable, in my case, I only use cabbage)

11) Chilies powder

12) Flavoring

13) Coconut Oil

1) Mash the pepper

2) Cut the red chilies and shallots into pieces

3) In a bowl, put the wheat flour, add the eggs, mashed garlic, the pieces of leeks and shallots, salt, and sugar

4) Mix them well, you can add some flavorings and/or chilies powder, it depends on your preference.

5) Put the vegetables, mix them well. 

6) Prepare the hot coconut oil on the frying pan. Make sure that it is enough to deep fry the dough. 

7) Fry the dough

8) Finally, Bakwan is ready to be served