Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How To Make Mie Goreng Tek Tek

Fried Noodles always my favorite and there are so many kinds of fried noodles, here I want to share a good recipe of Mie Goreng Tek Tek that I found from Sobat Dapur on YouTube.

1. Onion

2. Garlic

3. Candlenut

4. Red chilies

5. Noodles

6. Sweet Soybean Ketchup (Kecap Manis)

7. Salt

8. Flavorings (eg. Chicken Broth)

9. Egg

10. White pepper

1. Cut into pieces of blend the onion, garlic, candlenut, and red chilies.

2. Fry them on the frying pan (make sure all the part of frying pan is hot enough), once it's finish move them in a bowl.

3. On the frying pan, fry another piece of garlic, then put also the eggs. Mix them as you want but do not too soft. Just as this below texture.

4. Put back the fried seasoning no. 2 and mix it with no. 3, then add with the noodles.

5. Pour the sweet soybean ketcup 

6. Add the salt, flavorings, and white pepper as your taste, mix them well.

7. Now you can have it with other side dishes such as fried egg. 

How To Make Sushi Roll

Living in Japan gave me so many lessons including Japanese dishes. Today, I want to share my experience in making Sushi Roll.

1. Rice

2. Nori (dry seaweed)

3. Wakame (as a filler for the rice, this is optional)

4. Fried fish (any other meats is ok)

5. Carrot

6. Cucumber

7. Mayonnaise

1. Cook the rice by pouring the water with adjusted level and adding the wakame

2. Cut carrot and cucumber into small pieces then boil them. Cut the fried fish also

3. Lay nori on top of this tool (see the picture below)

4. Spread the rice

5. Put the pieces of carrot, cucumber, and fish or other meat as well as mayonnaise on top of them.

6. Fold them and make sure they stick together enough

7. Cut them into small pieces

8. Yummy, it's well done!

How To Make Mie Ayam

It's easy to get Mi Ayam when I was in Indonesia because the shop was only 5 minutes by walking from home. But here, during my study in Japan, when I craved for Mi Ayam, I couldn't afford it, so I checked youtube and found Dapur Sobat Channel, then I tried to follow the instruction, so here how I made it!

Ingredient for chicken part:
1. Boneless Chicken

2. Onion

3. Garlic

4. Candlenut

5. Coriander

6. White pepper

7. Cumin

8. Turmeric

9. Ginger

10. Bay leaves

11. Lime leaves

12. Flavorings (eg. chicken broth flavors)

13. Salt

14. Sweet soybean ketchup (Kecap Manis)

15. Water

Ingredient for noodle soup part:
1. Noodles

2. Water

3. Fried onion

4. Flavorings

5. Salt

6. White pepper

7. Mustard greens

Procedure for chicken part:
1. Cut into very small pieces of chicken.

2. Cut into pieces onion and garlic, then mash or blend together with candlenut, coriander, white pepper, cumin, turmeric, and ginger.

3. Stir fry all the mixture on the frying pan until cooked, then add bay leaves and lime leaves.

4. Pour enough water.

5.  Put the pieces of chicken.

6. Add the flavorings, salt, and sweet soybean ketchup, adjust to your taste.

7. Keep boiling until the water evaporates and the chicken cooked.

8. Now the chicken part is ready to be served

9. Let's prepare the noodle soup part

Procedure for noodle soup part:
1. Boil the water

2. Spread the fried onion

3. Cut into pieces of mustard greens

4. Put the pieces of mustard greens, white pepper, salt, and flavorings, then adjust to your taste.

Procedure for the final part:
1. Heat the noodles using a microwave (depend on noodles you use, for my case, this noodle is kind of wet yellow noodles so to prepare this is just needed to be heated using a microwave, for dry noodles, you need to boil it with water).

2. Then move the noodles into the bowl, put the noodle soup part, then the chicken part on the top.

3. Yeay, Mi Ayam is ready! Ittadakimasu!