Friday, July 20, 2012

Everytime I Realize this!

I realize that I only live in this world temporarily. I am here, because I am entrusted to my parents by Allah. There is no other purposes living in this world besides to worship and to do good deeds to others.

I realize that this life is not as simple as I was 5 years old, when I simply play with my friends, when every time I feel tired I take a rest, and when every time I feel hungry  I eat. I feel my life at that time was so simple. But, as time goes by, causing my age keep growing, until then I was going to elementery school, graduated from that, going to junior high school, graduated from that, going to senior high school, graduated from that, until now, going to university and I have known how to live in this world is too hard. Although I carry on whining as I was 5 years old, wishing capable to go back to my child life, it will never be granted. My age will keep growing until I have to return to God.

I realize how hard living in this world when everybody only thinks their own bussiness, when nobody cares to others, when I try to care to others but nobody cares to me. I felt at that time that this life was not fair, this life was so cruel, and this life had to be ended soon.

But, then I have realized, there is nothing wrong from this life, the mistake is from myself which ought to care to my own self, not the others. There is or there is nobody cares to me, I only have to believe that I don’t need cares from others, cares from my own self is enough. I only need to go back to my first purpose of my life that I have to care to others.
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