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In my 19th age, I've had 3 nephews and 1 niece. The oldest is in 5th grade in his elementary school, his name is Iyas. Two boys others are Iyan and Fachry. The girl is Fani. I have 1 oldest sister and 3 older brothers, so I'm the youngest child of my parent. Iyas and Iyan are my oldest sister's sons, Fani is my first older brother's daughter, while Fachry is my second older brother's son. My third older brother haven't married yet.

I'm not too close with my nephews and niece. Maybe, it all because I rarely communicate with them. It could be, they considered me as a chilly person. It doesn't mean that I don't like them, it because I don't have free time to be with them. My whole days are always filled by my lectures time, doing homework, and having organization activities. I almost never have time to be with them, even in the weekend.

In my after semester's holiday, I do have a lot of free times, so finally, I can communicate with them. Iyas is not a kid anymore, he prefers to play with his friends. Iyan and Fachry who usually fill my holiday time. Fani is a shy girl, if she passes me, she only says, "Tante Nurul!" then keep walking and leave me casually.

Between Iyan and Fachry, Iyan is 1 year older than Fachry. Both are bald-headed, so I always remember them as "Upin and Ipin". They sometimes wear same clothes, their parents treat them as they are twin. But actually, they are not twin. They always play together.

One day, they were playing with me. I was focusing myself on my own laptop. While, Iyan and Fachry were in my bedroom. They seeked something in my wardrobe and found my sanitary napkins then yelling at me, "Ih Tante uses pampers!". They kept yelling at me because of the sanitary napkins that they supposed it was the pampers. I didn't angry to them even I kept smiling toward them.

There are a lot of my memories with them, but not all of them I told through this. The only "pampers" I remember that describes the hilarious of my nephews.
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