Monday, August 12, 2013

I Hate Uncertainty

Academics, jobs, and organizations are something that certain. You learn something at the college, receive assignments and have to be done at certain time, you have examinations, it's all about something that certain I mean. If you are a worker, you have some jobs to do and have to be done at the certain time or if you are the manager, you have to manage the worker well to achieve the target and it's certain what time it should be achieved. In the organization, maybe you are the staff or you are the head of the department or even you are the chairmen, you have specific jobs to do according your positions and it's certain how to reach and what time it should be reached. But I think, love is something uncertain.

If you are single now, you don't really know whom exactly you marry with. Although your heart said he is the man, another possibility could happen, he could be your man or he couldn't be your man. Sometimes, you try to be loyal with your heart about him but until what time? Nobody knows the final reality, like I said before, he could be your man or he couldn't be your man, only time that could answer that. It's something uncertain and sometimes make someone become a fool. A fool woman that try to loyal with the love but in the end couldn't be loved by him. Sometimes we are too confident about the love then make us try to be loyal. But it's something uncertain. It contains a lot of disadvantages.

Something uncertain is not good for our productivity. Too hard reaching the love and undergoing the uncertainty, will turn your focus on something that certain. First, your academic will be disturbed, because if you are undergoing an examination then be remembered about your love to him, you can't focus on your examination and it's afraid if you fail on the examination just because the love that is uncertain. Not only your academics, it also will happen for your jobs and your organizations activities. Your academics, jobs, and organizations will be ruined.

I know it's important to have the best life partner, but it feels uncertain for me. It will consume my times, I hate wasting the times only for the uncertainty. If only I think about the uncertainty then I can't develop my personal competence then I will lose the productive times.

The love is certain or not certain, according to each person. But for my life, love is an uncertainty. I can't easily express my love to him because I am not the type of woman like that. May be it brings my love life become uncertain. Maybe I am the fool woman like I explain before because I have been in love with him for 9 years with the uncertainty. I truly a fool if in the end I couldn't be with him, but I still hope that it never happen to me because I feel you are my only hope, oh my first love.

You should know how hard keeping this feeling with the uncertainty so long. Day by day is always haunted by the worst possibility, I am not that strong enough to know the reality if the end I am a fool. It will spend so much time for me in tears. I hate become a fool so it's the reason why I hate uncertainty. But, if it will be the reality, I will through this and just know that it's the part of my sorrow life then I will be okay gradually. Just accept the reality.
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