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We may have big dreams. We may have big desires. It's not a problem as long as the dreams or the desires give usefullness for the people. A famous quote said that we doesn't need to give up, the matter is the time. We will meet what we want at the proper time. But for some reasons, we may feel this is too much, and make us can't stand anymore. We may think this is the last and never meet the success at final. 

At the time when you were jealous at someone's success. At the time when you felt you have same rights but it didn't come to you. You felt sad because there was no justice. You felt upset because you couldn't make it while your friends could. You sweared at your ownself. You felt there was something wrong but you thought it was not coming from you. There was something wrong with the system.

At last, you will felt that the world was really cruel. Your fate was really damn bad. You felt that you were the loser. You felt that you were alone. You felt that you couldn't bear to cry. You cried a lot but the world didn't care to you.

Only "why" and "how" were flying in your mind. 
Why did it happen?
How did it happen?

"This is your fate..." a sound came from your heart.
"So what should I do?"

"This happened may be caused you have done something wrong..." another sound heard.
"What I have done? What kind of wrong things I have done? I love you Allah, but why you give this to me?"

"Never think negatively to Allah!" the sound came again.
"I'm sorry I have been wrong. So what is this?"


I realized. 
This is wrong. 
You had never growm to be adult if you still responds the problems unwisely.
How old are you?
The ages sometimes can't reflect how you think. 

You have faced a lot of problems before this problem come out.
Be wisely, it's not your first.
Every problems, there is the solution.
Just be patient and try to search for the solution. 
The problems appearing is not to be sobbed. 

What kind of problems have made you cry so much?
Is it really precious for you?
Be a woman!
Look under you!
There are still a lot of people doesn't have same lucky like you!
Never look above.
You have to learn much from the people unlickier from you.
Be wise!
Give a lot of grateful to Allah!

You have to believe the presence of the fate. Every things happens to you, there is a good reason behind that. Be cheerful! Something that you considerated as good, it's not absolutely good. It can be otherwise, it's may bad to you. 

Now, I still have to learn much.
Learning much to be wiser and positive thinker.

"I only know that the first time is ACCIDENTAL, the second time is INEVITABLE, and the third time is by FATE." -Ji Cun Xi

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