Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Faces

How many friends do you have? How deep you know the personality of your friends? If it's talking about me. I do have so many friends but not all of them I know their personality deeply. Only a few of them, not more than 5 persons. Although, I am not too understand about the other's personality, I can catch what they will think or what they will react normally. 

I need more than a years to really know someone personality. But, if I met someone three times, and the person react to some conditions in same way, I can guess how the person will react again for the next meeting. 

I have some friends. I don't know why they act beautifully every time they need my help. But, why? Why at the time when I need their help, they don't response beautifully too. For example, they ask me for a help, "Nuri, I need your help, you had got the literature for ***, right? May I copy yours?" or "Nuri, please teach me abou ***" But, then when I need them just to answer my yes/no question, they answer it not friendly.

"Hey ***, are you preparing your laboratory equipments?", she answered, "IYAAAAAA NURIIIIII".

Hellooooo!!! what is my wrong so you didn't response my question friendly? Just say yes or no with a good manner you can't. Have you forgotten how many helps I had given to you? Not only my help just like I've mentioned before, but more. I'm not asking you same question two times, just once, so you didn't need to speak louder!!! I can hear!

This kind of friends, I can make a conclusion that this is one of type personality of friends that has two faces. The good face will they give if they need your help, and the unpleasant face when you need their help. In other condition, even, I can conclude that they are not your friends. 

The things I want to know is how to cope with this type of friends. Do I need let this, let they have my help and get hard for their help? I doubt. Do I need to talk to them and tell my feeling? No, I don't. I am not the type of personality who can easily express the feeling openly. I just need them to realize that they are wrong.

Do I need them as my friend? Maybe yes or no. They can't be my best friends, because they can't accept me as who I am. Having around 5 best friends are enough. I am not looking forward them to be my best friends. I'm just looking forward them to realize their mistakes and not repeat it anymore. I need them to change. I just don't like the way they communicate with me.  
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