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How To Do Productive Things

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Maybe sometimes, you feel the life goes slowly and boring. But, when checking friends' activities through social media makes you ask to your own self, 
"What kind of activities I have done all this time actually when my friends have done so many things? What is the different between them and I?" 
To prove that you also can do same things like them, you feel you need to do something energetic, productive, and good quality too. But, there are a lot of constrains causing you to procrastinate doing that kind of things. Beginning from you don't know how and when you get started, getting bad response from others, until curious to know how to keep persistence. 

In this case, never look all of the constrains mentioned before as the problems causing you can not move on to do better things for your life. But, make it as a series of steps to do it that is comprised of getting started, anticipating bad response from others, and keeping persistence.

How to get started? Firstly, you need to know what kind of productive things you desire to do. For example you want to participate in an organization, seminar, workshop, conference, or competition. Then, make a list of all of productive things you want to do, but I suggest you to write down every single things you want to do and adjust it with your capacity. Some people maybe write down so many things they want to do but actually they can't afford all of it because it's over their capacity, so at the end, it's just meaningless and only distracting their focus. After this, execute the things one by one. The important thing in this step is executing because without executing, it's just like "talk more but do less" the correct line is "talk less but do more".

Addition for this first step is to explore what other steps you need to realize one of the productive things you want to do. For example, if you want to participate in a scientific paper competition, you need to explore the theme of the competition, seek literature from library, have consultation with the lecturer, arrange the sentences into a paragraph and paragraphs into full writing, until finally you are ready to submit your scientific paper to the committee.  

The second step is anticipating bad response from others. Maybe you ask why you need to anticipate this. The answer is because sometimes, while executing your productive things in your way, there will be bad response from others. In your way means there are a lot of ways to do that, but your way may create dislike from others but actually it's not a wrong and just subjective. In this case, as long as it's true, you need to be focus with your way, never listen what they say and never pay attention how they look at you. What they say about you and how they look at you are only making you down. Never give up and keep full of spirits. Later, your success is the tremendous bomb for them. 

Lastly, after you have settled rhythm in doing your productive things, you need to keep persistence. The key is discipline. To keep you always in discipline, you need to provide appreciation if you succeed to do it and punishment if you failed. For example, if you succeed to finish your paper, in the weekend you will pamper yourself by having body treatment at beauty shop or if you failed, you are ready to offer help for your friends. Becoming discipline is not an easy things, you need to practice and practice again so many times until it's enough for you to make you discipline. Just believe, at the end you will become an expert in disciplining your own self in your own way. 

In conclusion, there are three steps to do productive things that is getting started, anticipating bad response from others, and keeping persistence. I hope, my suggestions can help you get better life. Have a nice day anyway! 
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