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Opinion: Avoid Black Campaign

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My eyes felt really hurt every time scrolling the page of facebook, twitter, and other social media I have. I felt annoyed, disturbed, and fed up toward the black campaign thrown each other by the supporters of each candidate. Even though black campaigns and negative campaigns are purposed to strike down their opposing candidate by telling their bad things, both campaigns are different. Muhammad Qodari, Executive Director of Indo Barometer, said that a black campaign is a campaign that should be avoided since the information is not based on a fact, while a negative campaign is a campaign that we should preserve since the information is based on a fact and important for the electors as a consideration which candidate should be chosen [1]. 

As an elector, I felt disgusted by the black campaign shared by the supporters who can not give responsibility to its validity. They shared hatred and invited the other electors to feel also their hatred toward the candidate whom they hate whereas what they told about the candidate is probably incorrect. As an elector who has a conscience and education, I knew which one is correct and which one is incorrect, I knew whether it is a black campaign or a negative campaign.

If most of the electors in the nation couldn't differentiate whether it is a black campaign or a negative campaign. They can be easily influenced by the black campaign and wrongly getting the information, then wrongly elect a candidate.  In the end, the nation may wrongly obtain the elected candidate while the future of the nation is on the hand of the elected candidate.  Therefore, the best election system in my opinion is when there is no black campaign so the electors only obtain the information which is based on a fact. They can elect properly and finally obtain the appropriate elected candidate.

Unfortunately it seems difficult to eradicate black campaign, our government still in the formulation of the regulation. Black campaigns may be appear until now in every type of election. For example, during governor of Jakarta election which the campaign period starts from October 2016 until February 2017. So, brace yourself to face the black campaigns.

Most of the black campaigns appear in social media. Usually I use social media to see my friends' recent news about their lives. But when there are so many black campaigns shared by friends, it is like not fulfilling my intention to see the social media. Regardless of whether it is incorrect or not, the information from black campaigns is still not based on a fact. In my opinion, every information that is not based on a fact is a lie. I hate a lie so I hate every time seeing my social media full of black campaigns or full of lies shared by friends. Yes, every time during the election period. Don't you feel fed up, disgusted, and annoyed by lies every day in social media? I do! Since my purpose to see my social media is to see their recent news but I ended up by finding so many black campaigns shared by them which is not what I want.

Here, I come to a solution. Some of social media like facebook has a feature to hide a posting that we would not like to see. But, if he/she shares black campaigns frequently, I suggest you to click "unfollow" button from his/her timeline. Don't worry to click unfollow, since facebook doesn't allow him/her to be notified if someone has already unfollowed him/her. By unfollowing, you can't see his/her post which is full of black campaigns and it also means you are free from hatred spread. In this post, I'm not telling you how to hide/unfollow someone in social media because you can easily find the information in other sources in the internet. I just would like to make you aware that you can be free from black campaigns shared in social media by avoiding someone who frequently shares the black campaigns. Just like Muhammad Qodari said, black campaign is a campaign that should be avoided. For some times after the election period, you may want to follow someone that you have already unfollowed during the election period again, so just follow again in his/her social media, hope he/she has stopped sharing the black campaigns.

If you would like to know a whole information including the vision, mision, and programs offered by all candidates, just go to their official social media account. These official social media account of all candidates should not let a post which tends to be a black campaign appear in their official social media. By comparing the information obtained from the official source, I hope you can consider the proper candidate to be chosen so it's better to follow all candidates' official social media rather than only following one. By following all of them, you can compare.

As a Jakarta citizen who will participate in the Governor of Jakarta election in 2017, I would like to share the official social media of all candidates which is written below [2]:
  1. Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Sylviana Murni: AgusSylviForDKI1 (facebook), @AgusSylviDKI (twitter), @AgusSylvyForDKI1 (instagram), and (website).
  2. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama and Djarot Saiful Hidayat: AhokDjarot (facebook), @AhokDjarot (twitter), ahokdjarot (instagram), and (website).
  3. Anies Rasyid Baswedan and Sandiaga Salahudin Uno: Anies Sandi, #jakartamajubersama, Anies Baswedan, Suara Anies, Relawan Anies, Sandiaga Salahudin Uno  (facebook); @jktmajubersama, @Aniesbaswedan, @Suaraanis, @Relawananies, @sandiuno (twitter), @jakartamajubersama, @aniesbaswedan, @relawananies, @sandiuno (instagram), and (website).
In conclusion, black campaign is bad and should be avoided. The solutions I offer are by avoiding someone in social media who frequently shares black campaign and just following the official social media of all candidates.

My last word, learn and explore more the information provided from their official social media and avoid illegal account which tends to spread black campaigns. Say no to black campaign. Be educated and wise to choose. Hope, by avoiding black campaigns, one step closer to have the truly best elected candidate. It's not only for Governor of Jakarta election, but for other upcoming type of elections. And hope Indonesia will be a bigger and bigger nation in the world.

[1] Hukum Online. (2007). Perlu Pembedaan Tegas antara Black dan Negative Campaign. [Website]
[2] Warta Kota Tribunnews. (2016). Ini Akun Medsos Resmi yang Terdaftar di KPU DKI. [Website]


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