Monday, January 02, 2017

LPDP Scholarship Journey #3

Some students who will start the journey of the study overseas may feel worried whether they will be able to adapt to the new society or not because they enjoyed their comfort zone so much. In my post, I considered you as a student who is trying to find how to overcome your worries about it.

Instead of dwelling in your mind thinking about the worries, it's better to start finding all of the information about the new society that you will enter. By doing that, your mind can be opened and make you be more ready to face it. If you don't do anything, you will stay in your worries and not be ready to undergo it. The impact if you are not ready to mingle with the society will be quite big. For example, if you are not ready with their mother language while most of them are not speaking English, what can you do? You can't go shopping because the seller doesn't understand what you want to buy so you can't have your lunch, how if this thing happens for several times, can you live? you may be lost on a road because a person whom you ask couldn't understand what your question is so you may miss your event that you would like to attend, can you survive? And so many things correlated to the failure of communication may happen, can you bear it? 

Therefore, it's a must for you to be ready by planning any kinds of ways such as learning their mother language, doing research about their life in the book, the internet, or other literature, asking your senior who has ever been there to study, or doing a survey if you have more money. In this post, I am not talking about all of them, let focus on having the information from a book.

Reading a book can help you unlock so many doors of knowledge that may be locked for several times which keep you hesitate to start your journey. For example, a book, "Menggapai Asa di Negeri Sakura" is a very recommended book for a student who plans to study in Hokkaido, Japan. Created by PPI Hokkaido and written by 14 contributors make the book rich by its point of view. 

The contributors are coming from various age, occupation, and status, from 10s years old to 40s years old, from an elementary school student until a doctoral student, and from a single to a married person. Since they come from the various field, no wonder the content is very rich of a point of view. 

The elementary school student, 10 years old, Alifya, talked about her experience and her feeling studying in the elementary school in Hokkaido. She said that she had so much fun in the class and missing her mother so much because in a period of time her mother had to go back to Indonesia. A wife of a doctoral student, Alifya's mother, Salma, talked about how she strived to finish her business in Indonesia to unite again with her husband and her daughter. While, a master student, Doddy, talked about how his research life and his extracurricular activities were.

Before you read the book, you may think that your Japanese language is poor so it's difficult for you to communicate while you are in a crucial situation, you may think that you can not survive without any supports of financial, you may think that if you got sick and have to be hospitalized for several days, you have to pay in a big amount.

Don't believe your thinking before you confirmed it. Sari who accompanied her husband during in Hokkaido. She was poor in  the Japanese language, while she was about to give birth so she had to do so many medical checkups. Grateful to know SEMI (Sapporo English Medical Interpreter), Sari was not constrained during the communication with the doctor. 

Annisa, a student who strived to have a financial support of her study, did so many efforts. For the first semester, she was helped by the professor to get the fund waiver. She was almost frustrated and thought that she might not be able to continue the study without any financial support as she failed to get several scholarships. Her struggle and her praying were paid, finally, she obtained a scholarship so she could finish her study. She may want to say that it was not impossible for her as a student without any financial support, in the beginning, to obtain the scholarship to help her finish the study.

While Mukhlish, a master student and active in Aikido Club, has ever had a fracture and had to stay for a week in the hospital. The actual fee that he should pay was about 600 thousand yen or about 65 million IDR. It became 35 thousand yen or about 3.7 million IDR as he had an insurance. The lesson learned is that every student has to take care of the insurance before starting the activity in Japan as we never know what will happen in the future. Doing anticipation by taking care the insurance, you will not miss anything, yet you win a lot. 

That's why, it is really important for you to read, to break your own chain and to see the truth. Besides that, by reading, you can also be inspired by a person story, for example how Desi strived to continue her study with his limitation in English. Even though she was looked down by several people about her poor English, she didn't give up, she tried to break her limit, and finally God granted her wish that she was able to continue her study in Hokkaido.

"Menggapai Asa di Negeri Sakura" is only the example how you can get the information to help you be ready before you mix with the new society. Wherever you plan to study, reading a book can help you erase your worries. You can ask your senior about which book is recommended to be read. After you obtain the information from the book, you can set a plan about what kind of strategy to win the challenge. 

That's all. I hope what I shared can be useful for you and you can start to overcome your worries so you can be ready when mingling with the new society. I am sorry if there were any mistakes or it can not reach your expectation after reading this post. Thank you very much for visiting. See you ^^


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