Thursday, December 24, 2020

Dream and get your mentor!

Do you have a big dream that you wanna realize in the future? Personally I have, but I feel like the dream is too hard to be reached and seems impossible. The road is so blurred, so many holes, my motivation comes up and down, even I have ever felt like I reach the end of the  cliff. 

Friends, if you encounter the same issue like me, please, do not give up. I heard J loren Norris says that "If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before". Thus, if you feel the road is unclear, engage a mentor, a person who has been there before, a person who really familiars with the road. 

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Korean Drama entitled StartUp, probably can be the example how big the impact of mentor it is to help the mentee reachs the goals. Dalmi and Dosan, have a big dream, to turn their small startup company into unicorn. In the beginning, they met so many failures, even they almost gave up, but once they met Jipyeong as their mentor, Jipyeong helped them clarify the road, showed them which one that must be followed, which one to be avoided, and what things they can do to accelerate meeting their goals. By their hardworks and listening to their mentor, finally they were successfully reaching their dreams, they got their unicorn! 

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Talking about mentor, mentoring is different with coaching. Based on my own experience, I have ever had a mentor who helped me reaching my big dream to study overseas. She was my mentor because firstly, she focused on my longer term goals, to study overseas which can not be done like in 1 day right? I required to put a lot of efforts, so she accompanied me a long my journey to make it real. If coach, coach focuses on short-term accomplishment, let say the coach helps someone to be able to operate a personal computer. 

Secondly, she was responsible to support me as her mentee so I could work to accomplish my goals. At that time, she always ask me, "how is the progress?", "how is the result?", "are you okay?" and so on. She were so enthusiast toward me. If coach, coach will only responsible to provide means for the protege to meet the goal. For example, to help protege be able to operate computer, the coach provides procedures, and so on.

Thirdly, she gave non-judmental feedback and was very supportive. One day, I had my bad day, I didn't receive any responses from professors meanwhile the deadline for the scholarship submission was in the near future. She didn't blame me what I have experienced, she said that was okay, and even offered me to help me connect with the professors she might now in her university. It was so kind of her. If coach, coach will give specific feedback directly on a single situation, for example, if she were the coach, she will tell that it would be difficult if I cannot get it soon, and probably offer some alternative. 

The last, she involved herself more personally to me. I have ever asked her the reason why she agreed to help me and became my mentor, then she said that, she has ever been in the same situation like me, she was helped by so many people surrounding her, so after accomplishing her goals, she decided to help others, "That's why, I am here for you". I am so touched and determined, I will do the same thing like her, so after finally I got the scholarship and flied to study overseas, I open myself for everyone who is in needs. So, friend, if you are the one who is struggling to pursue higher education, just contact me, it is my pleasure to accompany you until you get your dream. If coach, the coach is hesitate to involve personally. The coach works just because being assigned for example. 

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In conclusion, if you have a big dream, do not give up. Follow your dream, and get your Jipyeong! Eh, I mean your mentor!

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