Monday, March 22, 2021

How I met Takoyaki

I have gorengan with peanut sauce for my breakfast every morning. Thus, we, gorengan and I officially become best friend, because I like gorengan very much and I believe gorengan also likes me as we always meet in the morning. One day I felt 1 minute like an attack on my heart and difficulties to breath. I thought it would be not that serious, until the second attack I started to think, probably my bad breakfast habit was the culprit. Every day gorengan perhaps contributes to my cholesterol level, creating a blockage inside my blood vessel and stimulate the attacks, it was my hypothesis. 

As I don’t wanna see the doctor and in fact that this era even a young person can experience high cholesterol, so I was determined to change my eating habit in general. I started to avoid fried foods or snacks so from that moment we, gorengan and I declare to have a distance as gorengan doesn’t want to hurt me and support me to be healthy. 

So this is how Takoyaki and I met. Actually, it was not in Japan, our first meeting, I met Takoyaki in Japanese festival in UI. I fell in love at the first sight. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet that often as the festival only hold once a year. It was a happiness when I found Takoyaki in Detos mall, every time I visit that mall, I never forget to say hi, but it depends also on my wallet. Takoyaki is so fancy, I need much money to have it, unlike gorengan which is cheap. So that gap was also the reason why we couldn’t maintain our relation. Our second meeting was in Takoyaki hometown. There, I watched how Japanese people are truly having longevity and a healthy body. They have healthy eating habits, besides routinely consuming vegetables, fruits, fish, and the food is processed with low sugar, salt, and oil, they also have healthy snacks, the one and only Takoyaki. 

Talking back about my health problem. Someone said, "it is better to prevent than to cure". This is right, if my heart is getting worse, probably I need surgery that will require me to spend much money. So, before it is getting worse, why don’t I invest in healthy meals. Therefore, I decided to live with healthy lifestyle and get married to Takoyaki and say bye-bye to gorengan, so let me introduce you to my daughter, Takoyaki Bento Molek! 

While keeping myself healthy with healthy snacks, I also would like to spread the goodness, to everyone. There are 4 reasons why you should have Takoyaki Bento Molek. Because it is unquestionably healthy, delicious, cheap, and accessible. 

Firstly, Takoyaki Bento Molek is unquestionably healthy, Takoyaki is made mainly with wheat flour, squid, egg, and has katsuobushi and mayonnaise as its topping. Moreover, it’s processed with a tiny oil and even you can process without any oil at all. The squid and katsuobushi was also very nutritious. Squid is well nourished with omega 3-polyunsaturated fatty acid that can improve a healthy brain, memorizing ability, and critical thinking. Meanwhile, the katsuobushi or well known as bonito flakes,  it contains a high amount of minerals such as phosphorus and potassium as well as vitamin D and source of nutrition for muscle, blood, and bone. The healthiness is far higher than gorengan. 

Secondly, it is delicious of course. It is not only me who said it is delicious. But from the testimonies given by my customers, they also said so. Therefore, Takoyaki Bento Molek is undoubtedly delicious.

Thirdly, it is cheap, you can have 10 small Takoyaki ball for only 12k IDR, and if you want to get more satisfied, you can have 20 small Takoyaki balls cheaper for only 23.5k IDR. If you want to share with your family, you can have it only 45k for 40 small one. And later on, I am planning to have party size containing 80 small balls just 85k. Isn’t it cheap? You can compare with another Takoyaki seller.

The last, it is accessible, even though I have it on gofood platform which is area-limited. Don’t worry, I am open direct order and you can choose any favorable instant courier, such as paxel, grab or gojek sameday, so then you can have it on still on the day you order. With a sturdy packaging, I guarantee it will be fine until my daughter on your hand. 

Thus, what are you waiting for? Don't wait until you are old to realize that you should have a live healthy lifestyle. Don't wait until it is too late, you might not get another chance. 

So, will you have Takoyaki Bento Molek? ORDER NOW!!!! You will not regret it as Takoyaki Bento Molek is healthy, delicious, cheap, and accessible. Contact us in our Instagram @bento.molek. You can also visit here.

Above is the script of my speech in Huntsman Toastmaster regular meeting, if you would like to watch my speech performance, you can check my youtube video here:

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