Sunday, December 01, 2013

Life is Hard because of The Choice

Every humans in the world can not avoid to choose the choice. It's really hard to choose an activity from activities that we love so much. But sometimes, we are constrained by the time because those activities come in the same time. 

You may think that you really sure you can do all of them so you can avoid the choices. But I think, the quote from Audrey Hepburn that said "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE" can not be applied. How does it be realistic if all of the activities come in the same time? It doesn't mean I don't believe Audrey Hepburn's quote, I just want you to realize that not all conditions can apply that quote. Just for your information, Audrey Hepburn's quote also one of quotes that I'm really inspired so that I could be full of spirit every time I do my activities. Audrey Hepburn's quote can be applied if the reality can make you sure that you can do all of them without time that can be the constrain.

If it is really obvious that time is constraining you to do all of the activities, you should make a really good choice so you will never regret it. The way are by thinking well, following your heart, and detecting the urgency. Something that's more urgent and more important for your life, I think must be the answer.

I'm not a good consultant for making a choice because I always feel regret after making the choice. But it can not be the reason, that choice must to be choosen indeed because if I can not make it, my life will ruin. 

The academic's life always in the top of my priorities. But it always hurt me because I can not do another activities that I really want to do, I sacrife them for the academic life. I don't know I'm happy or not for my decision. But sometimes I know, I'm not happy, instead of feeling really sore. 

One day, I had 3 activities that came in same day and same time. Truly the activity that I really wanted to attend so much is the birthday celebration of my organization because it will be attended by the alumny, it's really a good chance for me to make a relation, a good time when I can get rid of my academic stress by only seeing all of my friends in my organization, and a good memory I can remember. But the day also my brother's day. My brother have planned my family to meet her girlfriend. I think it's not really a difficult problem. I can keep to choose attending the organization birthday celebration. But in the other side, I have said before that I have 3 activities, so the last activity is about my academic life. Again, my academic life is distracting my life. I always can't refuse this kind of stuff. Actually it's not the normal schedule for my academic, because there were a canceled class so the class moved to that day, the day that I have planned and I have prepared very well for the activity that only happens one a year and finally I couldn't attend because of the class. 

I don't know it's a good choice or not. It doesn't happen once in my life. I have another bad experience like this. For example, I choose to attend my class instead of attending my brother's wedding (actually I have 3 brothers).

I really don't know whether I am a good decision maker or not. Life is really hard because of the choices.

I recommend you to follow your heart. But I don't know it will work or not. I always think to do that, but I failed because I'm afraid. I'm not a good consultant for this. I just want to share how hard the life is. I don't know this experience also happens in your life or not. Or maybe it only comes to me, if it goes like that, it's okay, it is a part of my weakness. I said to you, nobody's perfect.
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