Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Real Motivation is You

At first, you have to know what the motivation is. In my opinion, motivation is something that can make us to be full of spirit in reaching something whatever is all about, it can be your academics stuff, organization experiences, or collecting money for buying something.  Motivation also can be defined as something that is encouragement, something that make us enthusiastic to do that, or something that always make us spirited. 

Sometimes we believe that your parents, your friends, your teachers, or your other relations is your motivation. Do you really believe that? How about if you have some problems with them then you get demotivated, are they still your motivation? The real motivation never make you demotivated. 

For example,  you have graduated from favorite high school then you continue to the top university in your country. Your parents are really proud of you, they have big expectation from you. You believe that you study hard in the college, the whole benefits is for your parents next time, you have a plan to give them a favor. But someday, your father get furious to you without any excuses. You are sad because you didn't do something wrong but your father mad at you. You become demotivated, you feel no longer planned to give your father a favor because at that time you also feel angry to him. At that time, you may ask to yourself for whom you are doing all of this right now. If you become demotivated, all of your efforts will be in vain. You are no longer getting spirit all of them then you can not achieve the initial goal, you failed.

Nevertheless, if you aware that the real motivation is inside yourself, you never feel demotivated. You will always motivated because all of efforts you have done, merely useful for your own self. If you getting failed in the process, yourself will know it and trying to try and try again until succeed. If you have a weak personality, how weak you are, you still have a desire to achieve that, to be motivated. It's not because of you, you are demotivated, but you are demotivated because of your environment. In this case, to be stronger person, you have not to listen what people say to you and see what people look at you.Just thinking that your condition is not your problem, it's your own business and not their business. Just be confident and keep motivated by yourself.
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