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Having best friends is the introvert problem. Not akin to extrovert person, introvert person needs to think carefully before deciding to confer her trust. Introvert person must think treble whether her friends--soon to be her best friends--are really able to keep her trust or not. Introvert person has so much thought in her mind. She must calculate, analyze, brainstorm correctly to make a decision and to make sure her that she is not mistakenly taking some persons as her best friends. 

Henceforth, if some persons are becoming introvert person's best friends, they will get more concerns and priority from her. The introvert person must feel grateful for having them as her best friends because finally she has found her missing pieces of her heart puzzle. Her best friends has consoled her loneliness and filled her emptiness. Her best friends almost complete her life and become one of the most precarious persons in her life.

Since socializing is also the introvert problem, it's a relief that by having best friends, introvert person learns how to listen, to give responses, and to communicate each other. In a time, introvert person might be so nonchalant and ignorant for what just happens in her midst, but by having best friends, the introvert person tries to give empathy and deliver her hand for a person in need. 

I'm as the introvert person, I'm grateful for having some persons as my best friends. I'm grateful to their parents for giving birth them, so I can meet them and make them as my best friends. I'm grateful, I'm not mistakenly giving my trust to them. I'm grateful for having supports, helps, and prayers from them. I'm grateful for what they did to me.

Regardless of what place we are now, it's a happiness for me just to meet them once or twice a year or in a time we never plan before. In time, we get older together and undergo our life by our own way, but our friendship will never end. 

In this holy month, I thanked to God for giving me a chance to meet my old best friends. They didn't change so much, I thought that they were still the same since the last I saw them. I missed every moments when we were together at schools. Not only studying hard but we were also playing hard together. Full of happiness, hilarious, and warmth. 

I remember when we were happily playing our favorite games, uno card, but unexpectedly our killer teacher came, disbanded our game, and invited one of us to come to her office. I remember that library is our favorite place to meet because we love quiet and books. I also remember when we went home together, used same public transportation, and had a random chit-chat until we arrived at our own destination.

I remember when we had a discussion about the examination and searched for the correct answer, precisely after we found the answer, we felt regret about having that discussion and didn't want to know more again about the examination and the answer because we would feel more hopeless toward our grade scores. Despite we felt that way, we kept discussing about that all over again. We were curious, hopeless, curious, and hopeless again. The more we were curious to discuss about it the more chance we were trapped in hopeless feeling. 

As if we can reconstitute what's happened in the past, to study and play hard together precisely the same like what happened in the past, I will be more delightful rather than just having lunch or dinner together. It's just what I'm thinking right now, but I understand that I need to undergo what is in the present and face what will be in the future. I must feel grateful for having a chance to meet them once a year. Those memories will never be happened again and destined just to be remembered as the best moments together with my best friends in the past.

Once again, thanks for being this introvert person's best friends. Thanks for consoling my loneliness. Thanks for filling my emptiness. Thanks for your supports and your prayers. And thanks for being who you are. I'm looking forward for our next meeting.
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