Thursday, February 02, 2017

How To Make Sayur Sop

Sayur Sop is one of vegetable dishes that is rich of vegetable.

The ingredient:
1) Potato

2) Green beans

3) Carrots

4) Leeks

5) White cabbage

6) Meatball

7) Three shallots

8) Three pieces of garlic

9) Salt
10) Flavoring
11) Pepper (as much as the picture, but it depends on your taste)

12) Nutmeg (a half of the picture below)

13) Celery leaves

The procedure:
1) Cut the potato, green beans, carrots, leeks, white cabbages into pieces. 

2) Smash the nutmeg, pepper, shallots, and garlic.
3) Boil the pieces of potato and carrot first until half cooked.

4) Add the pieces of green beans, leeks, white cabbage, celery leaves, and meatball.

5) Add the salt and flavoring until reaching your taste.

6) Wait for about 20 minutes until well cooked.

7) Finally, the Sayur Sop is ready.


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