Sunday, June 18, 2017


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A heavy rain
With a huge tornado
Strong wind
Followed by boisterous thunder
And super luminous lightning
Will that big tree be able to stay upright?

Dark sky
Great storm
Sturdy wave 
Deep sea
And gloomy night
Will that yellow ship be able to stay on the sea surface?

Blazing sun
Numerous not moving vehicles
Fussy horn
Hot and dehydrated
Will that old lady be able to stay awake?

Hundreds of shots
Tens of bomb blasts
Red fire
and full of smoke
Will that innocent child be able to stay alive?


Every living thing has their own road
Patience is required
Hurry is prohibited

Put your arm up
Open your fist
Loose your hairband

See your eyes
Put your ear
and show your smile

Believe in One
It will come....

When the rain stops
the wave becomes tame
The traffic police comes
and the world peace is highly respected

Like a flower grows from the seed
A bird dances in the sky from an egg
A walking baby learns to walk from crawling

Walk with the watch
Sleep on the couch

Listen to the soul song
avoid King Kong



Just believe in One,
then, you will see...


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