Thursday, June 29, 2017

How To Make Tempe Orek

Tempe Orek is Indonesian's favorite side dish. Tempe is Indonesian processed food from soybeans and it can be called as fermented soybean. To know more about how to process tempe from the soy bean, you can read this article. But for this post, I prefer to use the term from its original Indonesian name which is "tempe". The ingredients you have to prepare to make Tempe Orek are (the amount is as much as the picture below):

1) Tempe

2) Red chilies

3) Shallots

4) Soy sauce
5) Tomato

The procedure:
1) Chop the tempe.

2) Fry the tempe in the hot oil until cooked.

3) Slice the shallots, red chilies, and tomato.

4) Fry the sliced shallots and red chilies in the hot oil until cooked.

5) Put the fried tempe, then add the soy sauce sufficiently according to your taste. Mix it well.

6) Finally, you can enjoy your Tempe Orek.


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