Sunday, November 19, 2017

Go Go Pharmacist Mobile Application

Hello readers!

Here I have some pictures of medicine, can you guess how to use it?
For the first picture, can you guess how to use it?

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Perfectly! Yes, as common medicine, it is used by swallowing it directly through your mouth. How about the second picture?

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Yes, the same as the first picture, you just need to swallow it directly through your mouth.
The third picture, can you guess how to use it?

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It is used by putting it inside the anal hole. 

[Picture Source:]

How about the fourth picture, can you guess?

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Mm, okay, some of you may not know about it, it is used by chewing it first before swallowing it. So, you are not allowed to swallow it directly. 

For the last picture, can you guess how to use it?

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You have to put it behind your teeth. 

[Picture Source:]

So, not all of the medicines are used by swallowing it first right, there is a medicine that is used by chewing it first before swallowing it, by putting it behind the teeth, or by putting it inside the anal hole. Therefore, there are various kinds of medicines with different treatment right? Do you know from whom do you get all of the information about this? Absolutely from the PHARMACIST. 

Do you ever notice every time you go to the pharmacy, with whom do you have the interaction mostly? From my experience, I was served by the cashier mostly. After I processed the payment, I got my medicine, then I just went home. I rarely meet the pharmacist who has the role in providing information about medicine, even not only about how to use it, but also about what kind of side effects that may come, how to overcome it, how does the medicine work, or even the pharmacist may offer another recommended medicine that is more appropriate to us. Unfortunately, I or you, feel the same, that we rarely meet the pharmacist in the pharmacy.

There are some reasons why the pharmacist doesn't want to exist in the pharmacy. One of the reasons that I feel is because the pharmacist feels insecure, fear, or worried to meet the patient. The pharmacist may feel that he/she doesn't have enough knowledge. But, actually, I believe that the pharmacist has obtained the knowledge sufficiently, the pharmacist just needs to practice it. As the pharmacist, I really understand how difficult it is to recite all of the information of millions of medicine. That's why my lecturer said that it's okay to open the book references in front of the patient, even it will make the pharmacist become more credible or even it will make the patient will be more trust the pharmacist.

Hence, after knowing numerous kinds of medicine and different information about it, the role of the pharmacist is REALLY IMPORTANT as the source of information about the medicine. 

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In this opportunity, I would like to share my idea about a mobile application with I named it as "Go Go Pharmacist" which its objective is to give support to pharmacists in Indonesia to exist in the pharmacy in providing information about the medicine without any fears or worries. 

Go Go Pharmacist mobile application allows you and the pharmacist to create the account. It will comprise of your general identity such as your name, age, address, medical history, and so on. This mobile application will allow you to have the interaction with the pharmacist. There are two ways of having communication with the pharmacist. Firstly by visiting directly the pharmacist who is near your location, because this mobile application is able to detect your location and the pharmacist location. So, it is able to know which pharmacy is near to your location. Secondly, you can connect to your pharmacist by sending a private message. So you can have the consultation online. In sometimes, there may be a hard case of the use of the medicine, so this mobile application will also allow the pharmacist to have a discussion with other pharmacists. 

Aside from the benefit of using this Go Go Pharmacist mobile application, there is also a weakness, when you send a private message to the pharmacist, you may obtain the reply slowly. Maybe the pharmacist was busy serving the patient in the pharmacy or maybe the pharmacist had his/her own personal business so it's not possible for her or him to reply your question. However, if you still want to get the answer quickly, you can just visit the nearer pharmacist using the application and have the consultation about the medicine directly. 

Having the experience of providing comprehensive information about the medicine for the pharmacist is priceless. Even, this mobile application is the best place for the pharmacist to practice. 

Even though, there is also a weakness of this mobile application. Actually, the objective of giving support to the pharmacist to exist in the pharmacy in providing comprehensive information about medicine without any fears have been achieved. By using the mobile application, the pharmacist will feel being admitted and being required by the people. Even, indirectly, we encourage the pharmacist to keep learning in providing the information about the medicine. 

In the patient side, by the existence of the pharmacist, you as the patient will be more well informed about the medicine so the medicine will work effectively. 

That's all about my idea. If you have any comments or suggestions just write it in the comments box below. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day anyway!


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