Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let's Be Independent Completely!

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There is a girl who lives with her beloved father and mother. Even though she has already set the alarm, it's always failed to wake her up. While, once her father knocks the door, she directly moves her body and gets up. After waking up, she looks for her mother, to see what her mother cooks for the breakfast.

Then, she goes to the campus with full of nutrition. Her father usually drives her to the campus and picks her back again to the home. Arriving at home, her mother collects her dirty clothes, washes it, and gets it ironed. 

Every single thing of her life until her 20s age is never complicated since her beloved father and mother are always ready beside her to help. Thus, she depends on her father and mother a lot. She never imagines what will happen if her father and mother are not around. 

[Picture Source:, illustration from Overprotective Kahoko (Japan Drama)]

What do you think about this girl? Do you think that this girl is able to succeed in her life even though she depends on her parents a lot? I think no, she can not. 

Between the independent and the dependent person, I believe that the independent person is having higher possibility to succeed in his/her life. The independent person has already known about how to do every single thing by his/her own effort. When there is no one around, this person is able to face every single thing of his/her life challenges confidently. 

While the independent person, when there is no one around him/her to support, without any experiences, this person will tend to cry, give up, and end up with failure.

However, it's a wrong to judge the independent/spoiled person never be successful in his/her life. If we give this person a chance to live alone. I believe, this person will learn to survive, learn to do every single thing by his/her own self. This person later will become stronger and more mature. Then, in the end, this person will reach his/her own success. 

Thus, there is a way to make a dependent person to reach his/her own success. We just need to give the person a chance to live alone, then this person will learn to survive, and in the end, will reach the success.

This is also what happens to Indonesia. Since 2012, Indonesia is a dependent country. In 2012, 95% of the pharmaceutical raw material was supplied by import. Indonesia depends on other countries a lot. In other words, without the existence of other countries, Indonesia is not able to produce its required medicines.

Have you ever wondered how if Indonesia involves in a war when there is a blockade, Indonesia is restricted to communicate with other countries? As all the time, Indonesia depends on other countries on supplying the pharmaceutical raw material. If there is no access to them, Indonesia is not able to fulfill the needs of the medicine. The increase in mortality will not be avoided. Indonesian people will die without any medication given tragically.

We don't want the tragic case to happen, don't we?
Of course, we don't. 

Let's talk about this, we have agreed before that the dependent person is able to survive if we give him/her a chance to live alone so that this person will learn to survive then, in the end, this person will reach his/her own success. Why don't we do the same to Indonesia? Why don't we give the chance to Indonesia to live alone? Try not to depend on other countries, try to stop doing the import activities. Try to fulfill our own needs especially in the pharmaceutical raw material. 

So, the key is to create a situation when there are no other countries which interfere our problem. Therefore, Indonesia will learn to survive alone. Because the core problem, in my opinion, we haven't moved forward yet, we haven't been independent completely yet is because the situation is still supporting us to live together to have the relationship each other. 

Then, what are we waiting for? Let's start to be independent completely. We can start by stopping the import activities. Until this case, you may ask, how do we fulfill our own needs on the pharmaceutical raw material without the supply from other countries? The answer, absolutely by our own self. We have to be confident that we can. We are rich in natural resources. Even though it has not been investigated completely yet, there is numerous research found that some of our natural resources have the therapeutic effect of some disease. 

We don't need to be insecure about how to develop it. This is the precise time for us to learn by our own self to do it. We just need to believe. "Seeing is believing. But, the opposite is true. Believing is seeing" -Errol Morris. 

We just need to keep believing, keep trying, then, in the end, we will see the success. 

I know that developing pharmaceutical raw material takes time, therefore, we also have to be realistic. We don't need to stop doing the import activities suddenly. We can do it gradually, start from one kind of pharmaceutical raw material to be stopped then we can learn how to develop it by our own self. While the other pharmaceutical material still can be continued to be supplied by other countries. Once the first material is successfully developed, we can move to the other raw material to be stopped. Hence, we stop it slowly, but surely.

In conclusion, I hope all of you agree to support my idea to stop the import activities of the pharmaceutical raw material in order to make Indonesia be independent completely on supplying our pharmaceutical raw material. 


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