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The Kidney Stone Disease Prevention

Hello readers, I would like to prevent you from suffering the kidney stone disease. Do you know what is the kidney stone disease? It is the disorder when there is a stone formation. There are so many kinds of the kidney stone. Let's check the video.

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There are calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, struvite, uric acid, and cystine. But, the most type of the kidney stone usually form is the calcium oxalate. The kidney stone can grow big and bigger. At the time when the stone goes down from the kidney, it can block the urinary tract, it can hurt the tract, and even it can make it bleed due to its sharp form. That's why the main symptom of the kidney stone disease are feeling pain and having the red color of the urine. 

Let's imagine like this when you fall accidentally and you have the injury in your skin, you may feel so damn painful right? The blood will also appear. It also happened in the kidney stone disease, the difference is when the stone goes down from the kidney, the injury occurs inside of our body that we can't see it, but the feeling is the same. When there is the injury, the person will also feel painful and blood will also appear and accumulate in the urine and make the urine color become red. 

Nowadays, the kidney stone disease is not only suffered by the elderly people, but the young people may also suffer from it. I am the proof of it. I suffered from the kidney stone disease in my 23 years old. I underwent all of the symptoms like feeling so damn painful in my waist and having the red color of my urine. Even I can see it clearly, physically, the form of the stone. It was pretty small, but it was so sharp. Fortunately, I didn't need any surgeries, I just needed to take some medicines. I was fully recovered in 6 months. It was quite a long journey and I don't want it to happen again. Also, I don't want you to feel the same unpleasant thing like me. 

Do you know why nowadays, young people are able to suffer from the kidney stone disease? It's not about the age, actually, it's about the habit or the lifestyle. The main cause of the kidney stone disease is having lack of fluid or water. 

I would like to explain about the stone formation in a simple way. Let's check the video.

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Imagine the salt in the video is the salt we intake, and the water in the glass is the water in our body. Water has the limit capacity to dissolve. Let's see the video. From the video, we can see that one glass of water is able to dissolve until three spoons of salt. But, one more spoon of salt is added, the salt will not be dissolved completely since it has over the capacity of water to dissolve.

So, it's like our body. When we don't have enough water, the excessive salt we intake will over the capacity of the water to dissolve then it will keep its stone form. Even, the condition will become worse if we still didn't drink more water. The stone will grow bigger. 

From my experience, since I was in the high school, I didn't drink much water due to my worries to be scolded by the teacher if I go to the toilet frequently. I just had that kind of worrisome. Then, it continued until I was in the college. For several years of having lack of water or fluid may be the reason why the stone in my body grew.

So, I hope, you reader who is still a young person to have the healthy kidney. There are 2 ways to prevent you from having the kidney stone disease.

Firstly, by drinking much water. There is a way to know whether you are having enough water or not. You can see it from your urine color. 

[Picture Source:]

If your urine color is like the number one, you are drinking enough fluids. If your urine color is in the range of number 5 until 8, you are in the health risk so you are insisted to drink more water. 

Besides that, you also can see it from your lips. If you have dry lips, it's also a sign that you are having lack of water. So, if you have those conditions, you are encouraged to drink more water.

Secondly, is by reducing your salt intake. From what you have learned from the video, you have understood that the excessive salt will keep it stone from due to it has exceeded the capacity of the water to dissolve. 

Nevertheless, drinking more water is still the best way to prevent you from the kidney stone disease. 

In conclusion, there are 2 ways to prevent you from the kidney stone disease which are by drinking much water and reducing the salt intake. I believe if you implement it as the habit, you will have the healthy kidney. Don't be like me who have ever had the bad habit and undergoing 6 months of the kidney stone disease medication. Do any prevention. Love your kidney and your kidney will love you back by providing the healthy young age.

Thanks for reading. 
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