Thursday, July 26, 2018

How To Make Sayur Godok

Eid Fitr is not complete without Sayur Godok, it is nice to eat together with Rendang or Opor Ayam. It doesn't mean that Sayur Godok only can be eaten during Eid Fitr celebration, of course, you can eat it every time you like. Here are the ingredients (the amount is the same as the picture below):

1. Chayote or other suitable vegetables. (When I am writing this, I was in Japan so I could not find chayote, instead, I used another suitable vegetable that I thought they have the same appearance and taste as chayote. I used radishes and other vegetables that I like, for example, cabbage and pumpkin. Nevertheless, if you are easy to find chayote, just use the chayote. 

2. Red Chili

3. Garlic

4. Shallots

5. Shrimp paste

6. Galangal

7. Coconut milk (in this post, I used the powder version one, it's okay too if you use the liquid one)

8. Salt

9. sugar

10. Flavoring

11. Coconut oil

12. Water

The Procedures:

1. Grind the red chilies firstly, then grind the shallots, garlic, and shrimp paste. Smash the galangal.

2. Heat the oil, put the seasoning no. 1, fry it until cooked.

3. Pour the water and the coconut milk.

4. Put the vegetables, while waiting until it's cooked you can adjust the taste with the salt, sugar, and flavoring.

5. Yeah, so easy isn't it?


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