Friday, July 27, 2018

The Tiny Stone

[Picture Source: Adatur,]

A tiny stone was thrown into a very deep lake.
There were fishes, weeds, crocodiles, and a broken boat.
Too deep to get back.

The water was nice.
Clear and so healthy.
The blue of the sky, the green of the trees, were able to be seen from the depth. 
So beautiful.

The water became red,
every time the crocodiles brought their preys,
the blood of the preys was mixed with the water.
So awful.

So many stones stayed on the soil surface in depth of the lake.
Those stones had already been positioned in the same area,
due to the movement of the water flow.
The tiny stone was still finding its stable place.
It seemed not possible to get the same place as the other stones.

The water flow kept moving it.
Sometimes hit the fish,
sometimes hit the crocodile,
or sometimes stuck in the weeds.

As it kept moving,
it kept the tiny stone moving forward,
The loneliness didn't limit it to reach the surface,
Indeed, the loneliness brought it to be lighter to get the surface.

for sure,
it will return back to the original place,
the mainland.
Above the depth of the lake.

No worries.


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