Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How To Make Mie Goreng Tek Tek

Fried Noodles always my favorite and there are so many kinds of fried noodles, here I want to share a good recipe of Mie Goreng Tek Tek that I found from Sobat Dapur on YouTube.

1. Onion

2. Garlic

3. Candlenut

4. Red chilies

5. Noodles

6. Sweet Soybean Ketchup (Kecap Manis)

7. Salt

8. Flavorings (eg. Chicken Broth)

9. Egg

10. White pepper

1. Cut into pieces of blend the onion, garlic, candlenut, and red chilies.

2. Fry them on the frying pan (make sure all the part of frying pan is hot enough), once it's finish move them in a bowl.

3. On the frying pan, fry another piece of garlic, then put also the eggs. Mix them as you want but do not too soft. Just as this below texture.

4. Put back the fried seasoning no. 2 and mix it with no. 3, then add with the noodles.

5. Pour the sweet soybean ketcup 

6. Add the salt, flavorings, and white pepper as your taste, mix them well.

7. Now you can have it with other side dishes such as fried egg. 


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