Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How To Make Sushi Roll

Living in Japan gave me so many lessons including Japanese dishes. Today, I want to share my experience in making Sushi Roll.

1. Rice

2. Nori (dry seaweed)

3. Wakame (as a filler for the rice, this is optional)

4. Fried fish (any other meats is ok)

5. Carrot

6. Cucumber

7. Mayonnaise

1. Cook the rice by pouring the water with adjusted level and adding the wakame

2. Cut carrot and cucumber into small pieces then boil them. Cut the fried fish also

3. Lay nori on top of this tool (see the picture below)

4. Spread the rice

5. Put the pieces of carrot, cucumber, and fish or other meat as well as mayonnaise on top of them.

6. Fold them and make sure they stick together enough

7. Cut them into small pieces

8. Yummy, it's well done!


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