Tuesday, March 03, 2020

How To Make Simple Biryani

I love Indian foods, so I asked my Malaysian friend who is Indian descendent. One of my favorites is biryani rice. So, here is how to make it. 

1. Oil
2. Butter
3. Purple Onion
4. Black pepper
5. Bay leaves
6. Clover
7. Cardamom
8. Star Anise
9. Cumin
10. Garlic-ginger paste (1:1)
11. Green chili (not spicy)

12. Celery stalks
13. Chicken broth
14. Salt
15. Biryani rice

16. Tomato

17. Milk

1. Heat the oil on frying pan. Add butter.

2. Cut into pieces the purple onion.
3. Fry no. 2, let them cooked.

4. Add the spices (black pepper, bay leaves, clover, cardamom, star anise, and cumin).

5. After you feel they are cooked well (it is important to make sure all the spices including the onion is cooked because if it is not well cooked, the taste will be bad), you can put garlic-ginger paste, green chili, celery stalks, and tomato. Keep stirring until they are cooked. (This process will take a long time, just make sure they are cooked).

6. After that, you can transfer them into the rice cooker.

7. Prepare the biryani rice, rinse it with clean water. Then transfer it into the rice cooker.

9. Now, put enough milk, chicken broth, and salt. At final, add water until the solution reach 1.5 of your finger joint (biryani rice requires more solution than normal rice).

10. You can start cooking them.
11. Yeay! You got it. A simple biryani!

To make it prettier, you can add fried onion and pieces of celery stalks.


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