Sunday, December 26, 2021

It's Time to Order Bento Molek via TOKKO (You Don't Bother to Download the Apps)

Via which way are you ordering Bento Molek? Until know, you may know via GoFood, GrabFood, instagram, whatsapp, or coming directly to the stall. That's fine...


However, may I introduce you another convenient way to order Bento Molek? 

If I may, let me introduce you the newly created Bento Molek platform in TOKKO. You can visit here

There are four reasons why you need to consider ordering Bento Molek via TOKKO. Because, it is easy, cheap, safe in payment, and having various selection for delivery. 

Firstly, it is easy, because you don't need to download the application. You just need to click the link (try it), or put it in your browser internet if you are not automatically directed to the link. As a customer, sometimes I feel reluctant to order foods or something else that requires me to download the application, in particular if I have not installed the application yet. Because I have limited memory and I don't like too crowded displays in my phone due too many application installed. 

Again, using TOKKO, <<<YOU DON'T BOTHER TO DOWNLOAD THE APPS>>> Easily just access the link, even it is easy to remember Once, again, let's repeat:

Secondly, it is cheap, because the price is not that different with its normal price when you visit the stall. Morever, there are numerous surprising coupon/voucher that you can use to get the discount. For example at this time, Bento Molek has limited vouchers, i.e. with minimum order 70.000 IDR, you can get discount 50.000 IDR, which means you only need to spend 20.000 IDR. Isn't it cheap? Another voucher available until 04 January is 20% discount up to 20.000 IDR and 50.000 IDR for delivery cost. 

Thirdly, the payment is safe, you are not going to transfer directly to Bento Molek, but you can pay to the trusted platform which is TOKKO, you can use your e-money via shopeepay, ovo or others. I understand, especially for new customer, you may feel hesitate regarding the payment, because you may have the fear of losing your money when the stall is fictitious. But not for Bento Molek, Bento Molek is not a fictitious business. Bento Molek is real and until now Bento Molek is heading to 2 years. Nevertheless, we still understand your worries, in order to make you feel more assured, you are recommended to use this platform, because you can trust TOKKO, as it is the third party that can bridge you customer and Bento Molek. 

The last but not least, you have various choices for delivery. For example, Grab, LalaMove, Rara Delivery, SiCepat, Paxel, Mr. Speedy, even you can choose to pick by yourself. If you choose to pick by yourself, you will be notified if the order has been procceded, so don't need to wait in the stall. Come and grab instantly your order, you cut the waiting time. Isn't it convenient?



To wrap up, Ordering Bento Molek via link provided, created in TOKKO, is EASY, CHEAP, SAFE in payment, and NUMEROUS choices for delivery. 

Now, what are you waiting for??

Come to the link

Bento Molek is waiting your order ;)


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