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Introduction, Part 1 of Cell Division (Pembelahan Sel)

Assalamu’alaikum warohmatulllahi wabarakatuh
I am Nurul Fajry Maulida, I had been given a Biology presentation task by my teacher when I was in a high school, and we were asked to explain Cell Division. I was from group 1 with my friends, they were Benadika Sari Kurnia, Fersty Andini, Hilyatudini, and Ihda Husnayain.

The following scheme is a subject that we will learn together

According to the above scheme, seems that cell division is divided into 3, they are amitosis, mitosis, and meiosis cell division. On mitosis, cell division occurs through several steps, they are interphase, kariokinesis, and cytokinesis. And on meiosis, cell division through 2 steps, they are meiosis I and meiosis II.

Look at the following scheme

The above scheme shows us the difference between gametogenesis process on animal and plant. Gametogenesis at male animal is called spermatogenesis, that process will result 4 haploid(n) sperms and gametogenesis at female animal is called oogenesis and it will result 1 haploid(n) ovum. Meanwhile gametogenesis at male plant is called microsporogenesis and it will result 4 haploid(n) microspores and gametogenesis at female plant is called megasporogenesis and it will result 8 haploid (n) megaspores.

Living things experienced growth and development. In growth, living things body become bigger and taller. It occurs because composer cell of body experienced division. From cell division, living things get characteristics inheritance from their parent, so that the offsprings have same charecteristics with their parent.

Base matters in cell division are genetic substance inheritance and metabolic device from parent cell. At cell division parent cell moves the genetic substance copies to daughter cell, and so on. We have known that DNA contains instructions to synthesize protein. That protein is really necessary for daughter cell life process. Therefore, parent cell needs holding DNA replication before cell division takes place. Thus, it will be available a number DNA genetic substances that is enough for every daughter cells. I had said before that cell division occurs through several steps. Its purpose are to organize and to guarantee that daughter cell can accepts genetic substance which is exactly the same as its parent cell.

Amitosis cell division occurs spontaneously without through several steps in cell division. Amitosis cell division also called direct cell division, each one divided cell will produce two identical daughter cell so that it’s also called binary division. Amitosis division occurs on prokaryotic organism, for example amoeba and paramecium. Amitosis division occurs because bacteria cell doesn’t have nucleic membrane that is bordering nucleoplasm and cytoplasm.
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