Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream High again

After finishing watching Dream High, I'm really feeling crazy about it now. Ah, peeved! It's true what I've said before. Assuredly, yeah assuredly I will be crazy woman.

Huh, why does that madness always come when I have to be serious doing the assignment. PSAF task has given and has to be completed soon until the middle of August. The assignment is really so much.

God, please help me, stop this madness. Somehow I begin to find Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mie's profile, begin to find their original name. Yeah, now I've got their name, Song Sam Dong was played by Kim So Hyun while Go Hye Mie was played by Suzy. Oh God, why am I being crazy like this?

Kim So Hyung and Suzy, Oh they are so cute :*

Now, I begin to download videos about them from youtube and begin to find news about them. Ah no! How am I so sad after knowing that Kim So Hyung has a relationship with Eunjung, a girl that played Yoon Baek He, Go Hye Mie's sidekick before but then when she entered Kirin Art School, she was Go Hye Mie's rival. Although at the end of the story Yoon Bake He made friend again with Go Hye Mie, I still don't agree Eunjung became Kim So Hyung's girlfriend in the real life.
I prefer Kim So Hyung with Suzy, like at the end of the story, LOL. Finally I found a news which told about Eunjung's confession, she denied the rumor about the relationship between Kim So Hyung and her. She said that she only closed to him.

Oh yeah, Kim So Hyung and Suzy are suit couple. You two are so cute. I hope you two make a relationship in the real life.

Oh no no! I have to complete my PSAF task soon. Aaaargh, now I am really waiting for Dream High Season 2. But it will be released on January 2012. Too long! Firmly, I can't wait, but it said that the main players of Dream High season 2 will be changed by new generations. The main players at Dream High season 1 maybe appear but only as cameo. Huhuhu, whereas, I am really waiting for the continuation of the relationship between Go Hye Mie and Song Sam Dong. Don't they know? that I was crying when the story ended. I was crying because I believe I will miss that couple.

Oh no, Nuruuuul! What are you talking about? You have to be serious doing your assignments. Okay, NOBODY'S PERFECT including me :D
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