Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dream High

I've promised to myself that I won't watch Korean Drama again. Because of what? If I plan to start watching Korean Drama, It means that I am going to be CRAZY just because of it. I can't stop watching that untill the story is ended. The most important stuff that is the whole of the times I have, only I use to watch it and it's really interrupting my times to study.

But what's wrong with me now. During the holidays, I found an interesting and ispiring Korean Drama. The title is "Dream High".

Dream High tells about a girl named Go Hye Mi, she is very skillful at singing and aspiring to be music star by entering Julia Music School. Unfortunately, her father went bankrupt, left her younger sister and her, and also her father left a huge debt for her. Loan shark always run after her. Finally she was caught and asked to make an agreement on debt repayment. She was asked to enter Kirin Art School so that she can be a famous music star quickly only in 3 years. Yoon Baek He is her best friends and she wanted to enter Kirin Art School too. But Go Hye Mi betrayed her in the interview. Go Hye Mi was failed but not on Yoon Baek He.

If you are interested in this drama, I suggest you to by the DVD. LOL.
Yeah, after being crazy of this drama, I decided to buy the DVD. And now, I have watched episode 1-7, How disappointed I am, after realizing that the third disk was blank disk. I thought it was the mistake from the seller. But I can't do anything. Yeah I have to understand that NOBODY'S PERFECT. I almost crying I can't continue watching Dream High, But I have another way to solve it, I can watch the sequel on TV. But I have to be patient, because one day one episode. I need to watch 3 episodes from the TV, after that I can continue watching it until end from the fourth disk.
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  1. kalo nonton korea nanti mata kamu jadi sipit, waktu belajar jd abis buat nonton ya? :P aku juga kalo hal online heheheh

  2. Iya nih dyaaah, aku tetep ga bisa bohong kalo aku suka nonton drama korea, ga bisa berenti kalo udah nonton.


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