Friday, April 13, 2012

The Positive Side of Facebook

Facebook is something common for people because most people have facebook account, and they think that using facebook becomes important thing to do. But nowadays because of facebook, some teenagers disappeared and some children like spending their time using facebook than doing their homework, it makes some parents prohibiting their teenagers or children to use facebook. This proves that facebook can give negative effects to the user. Whereas I think facebook has more positive sides than negative ones in its way to facilitate us in communicating with others and provide us with some entertaining games and applications.

Firstly, facebook makes the users easy to communicate with others. We can communicate with another people in long distance. I remember an event where every students from different faculty made a group of 4 or 5 persons, it’s OKK UI, we were asked to make a paper, an absolutely there were a groups, the members of which are not only from different faculty but also from different region, so most groups like this chose facebook to facilitate them to discuss about the paper. Facebook also can give informations or news update from activity that we follow. If we are following an activity, and it only gives the information through facebook (since facebook has been commonly used by people), but we don’t have facebook account, it means that we will lost the information. Moreover facebook can also become a medium to socialize a product or an event so the problem of lack of socialization can be solved by using facebook.

Secondly, facebook provides us with entertaining games and applications. Everytime we feel bored we can use facebook and play games provided by facebook, it has a lot of interesting games we can play. Playing games on facebook also can streghthen our friendship, because there are some games that can be played together with our friends. Facebook is not only providing entertaining games but also entertaining application like friend’s interview, 21 questions, birthday calender, etc. that involves your friends too and strengthen your friendship too.

In conclusion, it’s clear that facebook has more positive sides than negative ones. Actually, about what sides that more affect us is according to how we use it whether it leads us to negative sides or positive sides. I am sure that most of the users are wanting to get more in its positive sides, so I suggest you to use facebook only in its way that leads you to positive sides and don’t use facebook excessively.
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