Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika

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At this moment, I want to tell you that in this blog there will be so much postings about "Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika". FYI, I will publish them into one edition so they will not be seen in a mess. To make them well-organized, I will mark them in sequential number and before the number I will put this sign "#".

For example, for the first edition, I will give the title like this: "Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika #1".

Maybe you want to know why I do this, because... I just want to share my experience in doing Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika when I was at term 1 and 2 at the college. 

At first, as a new college student and was given this assignment immediately, I felt confused and didn't know exactly how to make that Journal. But, as I was shown by senior how to make it, I felt relieved so finally I can make it and know how to make it clearer. By the way, if you want to know how to make "Jurnal Bersih Praktek Farmasetika" basically, you can visit this.

Making "Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika" is not easy. You have to practice more, if you want your examination to be successful. 

I hope, my posting of Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika edition will be usefull and helpful for you. Have a nice day!

My Jurnal Praktek Farmasetika Book


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