Monday, January 21, 2013

My Comfort Zone

Monday night, January 21st 2013, I felt puzzled, uncomfortable, panic, threatened, and worried. Those bad feelings really made me don't want to live and face the reality. Now, I really miss my comfort zone. Don't know how to escape from the reality :(

I've chosen wrong decision. Because of one action on that day, I was involved in one more organization which means that I added another responsibility to the social. It was a fault!!! I really don't know I could afford that.

I forgot that I've known, I've learnt a lot from the past that I shouldn't be involved in a lot of organizations. It's really better if I could be in only one organization.

At first, I thought that my decision was right, because the condition on that day was going better indeed. But, I never think about the impact for my life. On that day, I only thought about how to make the condition between my pharmacy friends and my town stakeholders become better. Because if I didn't do anything on that day, I was sure that it will be a bad day for my pharmacy friends and I who had a good intention for my town that we would do a community service there.
If my town stakeholders had greet my pharmacy friends well, I couldn't have had to be involved in that organization though.

It's really added another burden in my life...

Again at first, I thought that organization was a relaxed organization. But it's wrong, The chairperson really wanted me to be an active member and do all of the activities together with another members in full of the day.

Now, I just want to go back to my past that I could be focus only in one organization so I really could give my whole times and my maximal energy for the only one.

But the reality, I've chosen that so I have to face that. I know, everything will go well. Hope Allah will gives  any wisdom behind it.

Actually, another reason that I've chosen to be involved in that organization is that I want to give something to my birth town. I've walked around my town, and I've found a lot of miserable facts about of my neighbors. There's no hesitate that they really need my help.

Hope by joining that organization, I could do good deeds to my neighbors who have been living with my family for many years. 

Maybe, it could be a right decision. Because a success person is a person who can escape from her comfort zone. My past experiences that made me learnt to be focus in only one organization, just because I failed to manage my time. I ought not to give up. It's my time to show up to the people and my parent that I could survive even though out of my comfort zone.

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