Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three Tips to Manage Your Time

Sometimes, we are given with a lot of things to do in a day, but some people can not manage their schedule well. Unable to make a priority in the schedule is one of the reasons why we have a disorganized day. In this writing, I will recommend you three tips so you could manage your time well based on my experiences, discussions, and trainings.

If we talk about how to manage the time, so we are talking about "Time Management". Time management is all about planning. Everybody in the world including you, only has 24 hours per day, so let's make a plan for what to do in this 24 hours. For same activities to do in a day, one could be failed, but it's also not impossible for one who succeed in his day. The difference is about their time management. Making a plan need to determine your priority activity, know yourself, and take action.

First, determining your priority activity. If you failed to do this, you will ruin your day, because this is the first thing you have to do in managing your time. To determine your priority activity, you have to know about the activity. Is your activity's deadline tomorrow, one week later, or one month later? You have to put first urgent thing first, put activity which has deadline tomorrow first, then you can put one week later activity's deadline after tomorrow activity's deadline, and put one month later activity's deadline after one week later activity's deadline. You also have to know the the activity's importance level. For example, doing homework is important, visiting your friends is quite important, and spending an hour to think about who is the man who will be your future husband is less important. So, it's clear that you should do first important thing first, put doing home homework first, then you can visit your friend, and after that you can spend one hour to think about who is the man who will be your future husband. But for the last activity, it will exactly be eliminated if actually there is another activity which is more important, so you also have to be more diligent to identify your activities, don't be still another activities that you haven't listed yet. So, the order is, put urgent and important thing first; next, urgent but not important thing; then, important but not urgent; and for the last, you can do, not urgent and not important thing.

Second, knowing yourself. You are the only person who really knows yourself. If you know that you are have unlimited energy, it's not impossible if you do all of your activities you've listed in a day, but if you know that you have limited energy for example you are only able to do activities from 7 a.m until 10 p.m., so make it realistic according your ability. Don't list the activities to do that is not realistic to be done in a day according your ability. In this case, you have to eliminate activities that is less urgent and less important if you really don't have energy and don't have time left to do in a day. 

The last, just take action! Planning is less worthy without action. If in the way, you face a constrain, it's alright, nobody's perfect in the world and let's make another beautiful plan.  

"If you set 1 hour to plan, you will save your 10 hours forward" -someone
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