Sunday, October 06, 2013

Future VS Present

Sometimes, I think something more forward than the things that I should face in my reality. When I was at elementary school, I have thought about what I will do in the junior high school. I was too excessive in thinking about the future, causing me lost so much times that actually I could spend it better and it should be the only time I could have about having the fun experiences that I never had except in the elementary school. I also felt that when I was in junior high school, I have an excessive thinking about what I will do in high school, so, it also happened like my previous experience, I lost the happy time with my friends while in the junior high school.

Too much thinking about the future, it's not good for me. It makes me, never had quality time with the actual time that I have. The actual time that I have was spent to much by thinking about the future. Now, I felt it, it was my fault. I shouldn't do that. It's not good for my happiness. There are the suit time when I could do the thing on its time. At this time, I or you are still teenager, don't think that you will be an adult soon, but think that you are still teenager, spend your teenager time effectively. Just do everything in accordance with the time.

But, it's not mean that thinking about the future is wrong. Thinking about the future also important for the life. But I just emphasized that don't think about that future excessively because something that excessive is not good.

God has scenario of our life. Just do something good and it still on the track. What we will face tomorrow, two days later, one years later, will flow naturally, just pass it happily, don't think hardly, but keep trying do the best for the life. As we still on the track, we will get the best.

Future is ahead. But, what will we do at the present? If we will do at the present by the best, we will have the best future.
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