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Antibiotics Resistance

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Hello reader!

In this post, I'd like to inform you about antibiotic resistance. After reading this post, I hope, you will be able to understand about antibiotic resistance and do what you can do to avoid that. 

I'd like to give you a fact. According to World Health Organization, in 2015, Indonesia is on the second place as the largest number of tuberculosis patients in the world, after Tiongkok. Do you know tuberculosis disease? Tuberculosis disease is one of numerous infectious diseases which can cause death to the patient. Thanks to the development of medicine research, not only Tuberculosis but also another deadly infectious diseases can be cured by antibiotic.

However, have you ever imagined before, those deadly infectious diseases which can be cured presently can not be cured in the future? The hospitals will be full of the patients who want to be cured but actually there is no medication can be used. Consequently, the cemetaries will also be full of the patients who are dead. Since, those diseases are infectious, contagious, and able to spread to another person, one by one, each persons will suffer the disease and will be dead at final. Such a horrible disaster or like doomsday in biological hazard version. 

Do we want that horrible disaster occurs to our next generation in the future? Absolutely no! It happens for what we have done at this time. At this time, there are still some people who don't finish up antibiotics and buy antibiotics without prescription. So, if we don't want that horrible disaster occurs to our next generation, there are two ways which are by finishing up antibiotics and not to buy antibiotics without prescription.

Firstly is by finishing up antibiotics. To explain this, I'd like to give an example. A patient was given 18 tablets needed to be consumed three tablets a day, it means the patient was needed to finish it up for 6 days. The doctor had decided it because the doctor had calculated it that it's only in 6 day, 100% bacteries could be destroyed. If the patient stopped the consumption just in 5 days as the patient felt better just in 5 days, actually, it was only 80% bacteries destroyed, while there was still 20% bacteries alive. Those 20% bacteries alive would learn how antibiotics worked, would do mutation, and would become stronger bacteries which would be invulnerable to same antibiotics. Furthermore, those stronger antibiotics could spread to the environment. If there i another patient who suffer same infectious disease, same antibiotics can not be used anymore. It needs stronger antibiotics to destroy those stronger bacteries. 

While, that horrible disaster may happen as we have imagined before, if the last antibiotics invented can not be used anymore. Currently, some antibiotics had been invented until its 4th generation. For example Cephalosphorine. If there will be bacteries stronger than its 4th generation, that horrible disaster may occur. Maybe you would ask, why don't the researcher invent another antibiotics so there will be its 5th generation? Actually, inventing antibiotics is not as easy as you think. It needs tens even hundreds year to research it. So, that's why, it's really important for us to finish up antibiotics.

Secondly is not to buy antibiotics without prescription. Different infectious diseases, different type of antibiotics and doses of antibiotics too. Besides that, there are a lot of factors to be considered in deciding the treatment. While the misuse of antibiotics will also be able to trigger antibiotics resistance. In this case, you may ask, isn't there a pharmacist? So, even though we buy antibiotics without prescription, the pharmacist will refuse to give it. So, it will be the same, buy or not to buy without prescription. We can not get antibiotics at all. But, the fact is, according to the survey that my pharmacy friends and I had done. Some pharmacist still gave antibiotics as the buyer wanted even though the buyer didn't have prescription. While, under the law, we have known that pharmacist are not allowed to give antibiotics without prescription. Rather than discussing about antibiotics, it's better to tell you not to buy antibiotics without prescription.

The conclusion is to save our next generation or to avoid antibiotics resistance is by finishing up antibiotics and not to buy antibiotics without prescription. Please, tell the others who haven't been informed about this, to do so. That's our job, if it's not us, who else can save our next generation. That's all. Thank you for visiting :D

Thank you Mia Fithriyah for letting me borrow your laptop so I could write this post :D
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