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The Understanding About Motivation

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Wohooo, after finishing my thesis defence on June, I have holiday until the last day in August. It means that it's the time for being lazy. Oh my, if I remember the time when I did my final research, it was so exhausted and stressful, even I didn't have so much times to watch TV. After having been  full day in the laboratory, the entire part of my body were weary, so I just went to bed and spent all night by sleeping. Therefore, this is the appropriate time to pamper myself by being lazy. 

As I have experienced before, if I be lazy continuously, I will be hard to start my next routine activities which will give so much pressures and suck full of my energies. I need to have preparation before facing those tight activities which means I need to warm up myself by doing productive activities during holiday. But it's okay to spend one or two weeks by being lazy. Just think it's for your appreciation after doing hard work for months. 

But still, I know, it's really hard to start doing productive activities in the middle of holiday. I thought, some of you must feel the same. We need motivation to start it. Yeah, I believe you know what is motivation. In this post. I'd like to make you more understand about motivation so you will not be hesitate to start doing productive activities. 

The word of "motivation" comes from "move" means the position of a thing is different at different time. If at different time, the position of a thing is still the same, it means there is no move. If I give analogy to the success person and failed person, the success person has motivation, this person works hard to achieve something until get different position or higher level at his career. While the failed person doesn't have motivation, because this person does nothing so nothing changes, his position will be the same at his career. 

Actually, motivation is a process that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior. That's why, a person who has motivation can achieve something. Is it the thing that we really want? Achieve something to make our life becomes excellent? For example, I have a dream to get scholarship, at the time when I achieve it, I am able to lighten my parent's burden, then, my life becomes excellent compared if I do nothing. So, it's clear why motivation is really important for our life. 

Motivation can comes from positive or negative energy. For example, I do my homework because I want to get good score. It's the example of positive energy. While the example of negative energy is I do my homework because I don't want to make my lecturer angry. Wherever your motivation comes from, the point is you do and reach something. Once again, it's better than doing nothing.

Up here, we can conclude that motivation directs to a behavior to reach goal. Besides that, motivation also improves persistence, increases energy, and determines what to be in force (determines the priorities and determines what we should eliminate, for example the goal for 4 years ahead is graduating on time at the college, it means the person needs to be focus on the study and be ready to refuse the invitation to travel around Europe for 1 year).

There are two type of motivation, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is to do something for our own enjoyment (for example, we do the job because we love the job). Another example, I eat ramen noodles because I love ramen noodles. While extrinsic motivation is to do something that can give us tangible reward (for example, we do the job because we want the money or the position). Another example, I get A score to make my parents happy. In this case, every persons has their own motivation, it can be reward, for parents happiness, pressure, friend's achievement, or others. 

But, how if we lost our motivation? For example, I studied well to make my parents happy, but my parents didn't appreciate me. They were disappointing me so I wouldn't study well any more. Actually, it's wrong, we need to find another source of motivation because the source of motivation can be replaced. The best source of motivation is  in our own self because inside our self, we have the power of the mind, it's called ABC (Affective, Behavior,  and Cognitive) which directs us to reach the goal.

Affective is about our emotion. We will be motivated when we feel happy, good, excited, etc. When we feel happy, we smile, and something good will happen. If we don't feel happy, just smile, and do it, because by smiling, we invite our self to be happy and look forward something good to happen. Behavior is about to act. Sometimes, we don't have time to think, so just do it. While cognitive is about to think. We do something because we know that we are capable to do that. Never underestimate our own self, we have been created as the best of us, just find the crystal of us! It's a false belief, when we think, "I can't, I don't have something special, I don't have the luck even though I'm capable, I will fail eventually, or nothing will change no matter how I try". The right thing is if we can't be the best, it's better than even not starting at all because nobody's perfect, we can't always be the number 1. That false belief will block up our motivation.

Motivation directs to reach the goal. Below is the picture about the steps to be success reaching the goal.

We need to set the goal first, then elaborate the steps. Setting the goal is important to move us, to focus our action, to increase our persistence & endurance, and to increase strategies development. At the picture, we can see there are steps do, do again, and keep doing, because those steps will not be easy, there will be some constrains, we may fail, but we need not to give up, we need to do, do again, and keep doing until successfully reaching the goal.

So, do not hesitate to do productive activities, move, never stay, and be motivated to reach the goal. Don't be  afraid to have dreams. Do what you love, love what you do, give your best in everything you do, and success will follow you. "Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE" -Audrey Hepburn. Read this, for the example experience of motivation. That's all, thank you for visiting :D
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