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Turning Revenge Into Motivation

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After reading my previous post, I'd like to ask you, have you found your source of motivation? Where does it come from? In this post, I'd like to share my facilitator experiences who turned his revenges into his motivations. Let's call my facilitator as Y.

I was attending the Monthly Leadership Training held by my scholarship. "Motivation" was the subject of the training at that time and Y was the facilitator. He emphasized that he was only the facilitator, not the motivator. He would only share his experiences and not to inspire us. He would feel happy if we could get the lesson learned from his story.

Actually, Y was also the scholarship receiver, he was a student from Engineering Faculty of Universitas Indonesia batch 1996. The first thing he did to open the session was by throwing a question, "How much is my salary right now?" One by one, each participants answered randomly, "IDR 25 million", "IDR 15 million", "IDR 50 million", "IDR 30 million", etc. Y still didn't say which one was correct. He just explained his job history. "Firstly, I was accepted by IBM and my first salary at that time was IDR 3.5 million before tax. Next, I moved to company in Singapore for 2 years, I moved to Microsoft, I moved to Simantex, and now I am in X company and having 2 positions. So, how much is my salary right now? Will you change your answer?" Some participants changed their answer by multiplying it, while the rest kept consistent. The answer was IDR 120 million. WOW, HOW DAMN RICH HE IS! As an ordinary college student who haven't gotten a job  and will just feel enough to get IDR 6 million as a fresh graduate, will think IDR 120 million as too much. Please give a round of applause for him. 

Moreover, he also has some assets. He has apartments worth IDR 5 billion, 17,000 meters square of land in Jonggol, 18,000 meters square of land in Parung, 10 hectares in Kalimantan, 2 beaches which would be built a private resort, and 2 islands. Are you curious how he got all of them? It's because of his motivation.

He has 2 timeline which brought him motivated into like who he is right now.

The first timeline is when he was accused of stealing. At his first semester as college student, his father was attacked by stroke. His father couldn't work anymore. As the oldest child, he made his own money to pay the tuition. He busked for 6 month in a bus (he became a street musician). Some day, an old man approached him and gave him his name card. He also invited him to go to a cafe. Let's call the old man Om H. Upon arrival at cafe after busking for hours so he still shabbily dressed, he met with the security. The security asked him, "With whom do you want to meet?". He replied, "I'd like to meet Om H". The security said, "I don't believe you, how could it be, a person like you invited to meet him here". At that time, he hadn't known that Om H was the cafe owner. Suddenly the security, grabbed his hand, and brought him to his office. He was interrogated by the security for 30 minutes. The security accused him of stealing because the security thought that he stole Om H's wallet so that's why he got the name card. Fortunately Om H came, he was saved. Om H asked him to sing in his cafe for that day. As Om H impressed by his singing, he gave a job to him as a singer at his cafe, so his job as a busker had been ended. His experience which he was accused of stealing by the security, made him annoyed. Since that time, he had a revenge, he was determined, "In the future, I will have my own building where I can't be treated like that anymore". This is his first revenge which he turned it into his motivation to be success.

The second timeline is when his father's pride was dropped by a parking officer. Since his father was attacked by stroke, his father planned to administer his pension. Because his condition at that time, he asked his brother and Y to accompany him. His brother was given the responsibility to drive. When they arrived at the parking lot, the parking officer ran toward them and asked them to move to another area of parking lot, because that parking lot was not for them,  it had been reserved by a person whose nice car. For the people like them whose poor car was not allowed to park there. At first, his father asked to the parking officer, "Since when does the regulation apply? During I worked, I never heard that kind of regulation". At final, his father just followed what the security asked. As the first child, Y who had heard their conversation, noticed how his father's pride was dropped by a parking officer. This is his second revenge which he turned it into his motivation, "In the future, I will have the nicest car so I can park wherever I want!".

Up here, maybe you feel doubt, Y who was a busker can be a rich man. It's not about who he was in the past, but how he worked hard in the past until now. As I've told before, Y made his own money to pay the tuition. He worked hard singing at the cafe. He never attended the class fully, he only attended the class when he needed to do the examination and to do something important when he really had to attend. Even, he was not a student who was active in organization. So if you asked people whether they know Y or not, maybe they didn't know, because Y was not popular. He spent his time much by working. He was not too smart and not too stupid. His GPA was 3.22. It's like a fortune for him when he was accepted by IBM, one of big corporate at that time. He loved his job, if the boss asked him to do a job by A and B, he always finish the job by A, B, C, D, E. That's why the boss thought that Y has big potential and Y should be placed in higher position. Since he loved his job, wherever he worked, the boss always be impressed by him and that's why he always go up to next higher position and get higher salary.

By his works and his connections, he built his own restaurant which means his first timeline had motivated him to have his own building and it also means that his first revenge had paid. Not only that, he also had 4 nicest cars which his plate number of his 4 cars was signed by 3 digit of his name in order to make every parking officers who see his plate number will hastily ran toward him because they know he will pay him for IDR 50 thousand (FYI, some people only give IDR 2 or 5 thousand). That's proving how his second revenge had paid. Even, as I've told before, not only about his building and his nicest cars, even he had another assets which value is much greater.

The key of his success besides his hard work is he broke his limit. Maybe some people think, "I can't do this, because I'm not capable; I'm not too smart, I can't finish it; I don't have enough money, I can't make it" or other excuses you may think so you never reach your dream or goal. Y said a quote from someone, "Actually the sky is not the limit, the limit is you. It's yourself who create the limit. If you set up a goal, achieve it. Nothing to do except  achieve it. Don't make any excuses. If you fail, get up, move on, and never give up".

So, you need to work hard, break your limit, keep persistent, never give up until you meet the success. That's all. I hope by Y's story, you get the benefit. Thank you for visiting. Good luck on your life :D
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