Saturday, February 24, 2018

Learning Other Languages Rather Than English, Why Not?

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Have you ever learned other languages rather than English? 

I have, I learned the German language because the high school of mine provided it so I just learned what the teacher taught. 

How was your feeling? How do you feel during learning the language?

For me, I felt fresher and somehow actually I like it because it has several unique alphabet and pronunciation. 

Learning or speaking two or more languages will really keep the doctor away. A study has found that, no matter how old you are, you will improve your memory, you will have longer attention, and you will reduce the risk of any kinds of memory problems which is relating to the age. 

Not only that, learning or speaking two or more languages has other several benefits which are making you easier to communicate with the local people, helping you improved your understanding to a film you watch, to a song you listen, or to a novel you read, and letting you have the opportunity to work globally. 

Firstly, learning or speaking two or more languages will make you easier to communicate with the local people. For example, imagine, if you are in Netherland right now, you speak Dutch which is the local people's mother tongue, when you buy some fruits, the seller may give you a special price because you could join to the conversation and the seller may enjoy talking with you. Even, the seller may invite you to come to his/her family to be friend with his/her family and introduce you to their culture. Then, you get a new connection, whenever you are planning to go to Netherland again, you can visit them. It's such a priceless experience, isn't it? 

How if you use English, the international language. You may use it, but the local people may have a limitation to speak English, so they don't have any intentions to engage more in your conversation.

Secondly, learning other languages rather than English will help you improved your understanding toward a film you watch, to a song you listen, or to a novel you read. It is no doubt that now we have a free access to every kind of films, songs, or novels all around the world. You can watch Korean Drama, listen to Arabic song, or read a Russian novel. If you speak English, you will understand the story since the Korean Drama you watch has the English subtitle. You will understand the meaning of the song you listen since you can google it and find the meaning in English. You will understand the story written in the novel since you read the translated version of the Russian novel. But, it will give you a whole new world if you can speak/understand what they tell, what they sing, or what they write in their own mother tongue. You can access and understand deeper from their original form. Then, you can appreciate the art they create. 

You may find the translation, but you may lose the true charm of it. 

Last but not least, learning other languages rather than English will let you have the opportunity to work in a global company. Most of the global companies for certain is using English as the communication media. However, there are still some global companies that still use their mother tongue since their original documents may be still written in their mother tongue. If you are not only speaking English, but you are also able to speak their mother tongue, the recruiter can not pick any applicants, but you. Because you are unique and different from other applicants that are only able to speak English.

In conclusion, if you would like to have a communication with the local people easier, you would like to improve your understanding toward a film you watch, to a song you listen, to a novel you read, or you would like to have the opportunity to work globally, you have to learn other languages rather than English.

Nelson Mandela has ever said like this,

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."


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