Saturday, March 03, 2018

How To Make Pepes Ikan

Pepes Ikan is my father's favorite dish. While I don't really like fish, but now, I try to love fish, and here I would like to show you how to make Pepes Ikan which is one of the dish using the fish as the base. 

What you need to cook Pepes Ikan are as follow (the amount is as much as the picture below):

1. Fishes 

2. Salt 

3. Vinegar 

4. Tomato

5. Bay leaves and lemongrass leaf

6. Melinjo leaves (you can replace with other kinds of leaves that can be used as the same function as the base for the fishes inside the wrap)

8. Shallots, Red Chilies, and Green Chilies

9. Banana leaves

10. Toothpick (you can use other tools that can be used as the same function which is as a device to bind the wrap).

11. Coconut Oil

1. First of all, cover the surface of the fish with the salt and vinegar (the amount is as much as the ingredient number 2 and 3. Make sure the salt and vinegar absorbed perfectly by the fish. If needed, cut several parts of the fish surface and put them inside to let them absorbed better. After that, smash the lemongrass leaf, then together with the bay leaves, put them in the fish like the picture below.

2. Cut the shallots, red chilies, green chilies, tomato, and Melinjo leaves into pieces.

3. Prepare the banana leaves, put the pieces of the seasoning number 2 on the banana leaves. Sprinkle it with the salt sufficiently. 

4. Put the fish on it and add the coconut oil sufficiently.

5. Then, wrap it like the picture below. You can use the toothpick to bind the warp or use another tool with the same function.

6.Steam it. 

7. After it has been almost cooked, grilled it.

8. Finally, you have successfully cooked the Pepes Ikan. 


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