Monday, December 31, 2018

Did I fall in the same hole for the second time?

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Long ago, I experienced something bad. I never expected I would experience that kind of things. I was just too innocent and judged people are kind until I met someone super crafty. 

Kind and sweet for the first time and it was going on for quite a long time until I found out this person was a total liar. 

I trusted and gave all my cares as this person cared me a lot too. However, what this person did was just a game to measure the skill, while in my case it was a trap for me. 

I was trapped in a deep hole and I needed a long time to get back to the surface. 

I asked God why I met this person but then I realized that meeting this person is a lesson learned for me. If I never meet this person, I never learn how various people are in the world. Now, I couldn't judge all the people are kind anymore since I already got the experience of meeting a person with bad intention with a good mask.

Now, I become more careful in assessing someone I meet and do some research before concluding someone character in order not to be trapped for the second time. 

Lately, I met someone with a quite similar character in the first impression which is kind and sweet. I tried not to be tempted by how this person treated me because I didn't want to fall to the same hole for the second time. This person was very new to me and I still lack of information about the true character. So, I didn't want to say that this person is truly kind.

There was something different from this person to the one I mentioned earlier. As the times went by, somehow I could conclude that this person was sincere so I was thinking to return back the kindness by paying the same attention.

However, when I tried to trust this person, this person suddenly changed behavior. I was like being avoided and fooled. This person was not the same person I met for the first time. Now, I am thinking what kind of situation it is. Was I trapped again for the second time? Did I meet someone wrong again? What is this person true intention? Is this person the same person with the previous one with a different mask? How could I fall in the same hole for the second time, didn't I learn from the past?

I am full of so many thinking in my head. Questioning about what is truly happening and trying to guess what it is.

Being sick of this unfinished situation. I tried to accept what just happened, tried to accept that I fell again for the second time, "even a donkey doesn't fall in the same hole twice", tried to accept that this happened again for another lesson to be learned, tried to accept that I was a total fool indeed.

Tomorrow is a new year and I hope I can open the new year with a new spirit also. Forget about what happened in this year and ready to fresh my self and become smarter. Happy new year! Wish me luck, wish me to be avoided by a bad person so will not fall for the third time, and wish me to meet a truly sincere and kind person.
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