Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How To Make Cakwe

The one that I missed during Ramadhan is Cakwe. Almost every breaking fasting time, I eat Cakwe at home. I love Cakwe very much. But, in Japan, I couldn't find it but I didn't give up, so I tried to make it by myself. After googling, seeing cookpad, and youtube, here is my recipe: 

1. Wheat flour

2. Baking powder

3. Yeast

4. Garlic powder

5. Salt
6. Water
7. Vegetable oil

1. Put the wheat flour in the bowl.
2. Add baking powder and yeast around 1/10 of the wheat flour used. Add the garlic and salt as you want.

3. Add a little amount of water (do not too much), then mix it well

4. Add a little amount of vegetable oil too, then mix it

5. Prepare another bowl, cover the surface with the vegetable oil

6. Put the dough and add more oil and spread it along the dough

7. Cover it with plastic

8. Keep it in the fridge overnight

9. Check the texture, if still sticky, you can add more wheat flour
10. Next, it's time to make the shape. Prepare the cutting board by spreading the wheat flour on its surface in order to make it less sticky

11. Put the dough like the picture below

12. Cut the dough like the shape below

13. Put one piece on to another piece

14. Use the chopstick to make a splitting

15. Heat the vegetable oil, wait until hot, then fry the dough. Do not forget to pull the dough so it will stretch like the shape of Cakwe.

16. It's easy right, now you can have it with sambal kacang or mayonnaise. If you want to know how to make sambal kacang, I will tell you in a different post. 


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