Monday, May 27, 2019

How To Make Sayur Asem

I do not really like Sayur Asem because I almost get bored to have Sayur Asem almost everyday since it is my father's favorite. Yet, after a year in Japan, as my friend requested me to cook this, I started to cook it, and you know what? This is my first time in Japan cooking Sayur Asem. When I slurped it, I began to miss the taste and love it since I haven't had it almost in a year in Japan. Without further ado, check the recipe out.

1. Long beans (if you have any other vegetables such as corn, it's really ok to add)

2. Peanuts

3. Tamarind

4. Shallots

6. Candlenuts

7. Galangal

8. Lemongrass leaves

9. Red chilies

10. Bay leaves

11. Salt, sugar, flavorings

12. Vegetable oil

1. Boil the peanuts and long beans in the pot.

2. Prepare the seasonings by cutting the shallots, garlics, and candlenut into pieces, then grind them. 

3. Mash the galangal and lemongrass leaves. 

4. Put the ground seasoning no. 2, mashed no. 3, and bay leaves into the pot.

5. Put the tamarind, salt, sugar, and flavorings, then adjust the taste. 

6. Here is your Sayur Asem will be looked like.

7.Sayur Asem is very perfect to be combined with fried tempe and fried chicken.


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