Monday, May 27, 2019

How To Make Takoyaki

It was started when I went to Donkihote and found Takoyaki cooker with only one thousand yen. Without any hesitation, I bought it and started cooking Takoyaki. Here is my recipe:

1. Takoyaki flour 200 gram

2. Egg

3. Water 600 ml

4. Any kind of fillers you like (in this post, I used boiled eggs), of course, you can put taqo (squid) inside

5. Salt/flavorings such as beef broth

1. Aonori (dried green seaweed)

2. Dried bonito

3. Mayonnaise

4. Bulldog sauce

1. Put the takoyaki flour in a bowl, add 2 eggs and water, mix them well. Do not forget to put the salt and flavorings, then adjust the taste.

2. Prepare the takoyaki cooker.

3. Put the dough into the cooker.

4. Prepare the filler, in my case, I boiled the eggs then cut them into pieces.

5. Put the filler inside the dough.

6. Add more dough and make it round by using a chopstick. Wait until cooked.

7. Take them out and put them on a plate. Give the topping: aonori, bulldog sauce, mayonnaise, and dried bonito. Finish!


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