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The Game Plan: I am Happy for You Peyton!

Joe is a well known celebrity, owns a fancy apartment, high-tech sport car, and all the things that wealthy people have. Becoming a legend in football, winning many games, no wonder people call him, Kingman, he is the king in the field. His teammates highly respect him. He has a well built muscle, a large chest, and I guess around 40s something years old. 

One day, a little girl, named Peyton, came to visit him. Telling him that she is his daughter. To make him believe, she brought her birth certificate along with his name written clearly on it. Her mother wrote a message requesting him to let her stay for a month while she is on duty in Africa. Never being told from the beginning that he has daughter made him puzzled. Further, knowing that his ex-wife's sister, Karen, had passed away, he had no choice but to let her stay.

A cheerful girl, loves beads, and colorful things, Peyton created a mess in his place. Joe could not hold his anger and set a clear boundaries for her to obey. Having an opening party for his new restaurant, Joe brought Peyton to his event. He spent the nights happily with his teammates and all the guests. While Peyton was occupied by herself on her seat and her dolls.  

Probably, it was too shocking for him for having daughter, the reason why he drove home without bringing Peyton together, she was left in the restaurant around 2 a.m., extremely too late for a little girl to stay outside. Knowing Joe, made a U-turn to go back and pick her up, all the paparazzi published a headline news and put him as a "bad dad". 

Of course, it affected his career, so his trusted manager, hold a press conference to make a clarification. The answer from Joe was not satisfying, until Peyton spoke up. She exaggeratedly praised him about his effort to be a good dad, and normalized if mistakes might happen during the process, overall she said, he is the best for her. She hugged him while whispering to tell that what she did had a cost that in change, she requested him to register her at ballet school. 

At first, the ballet teacher refused the registration, as the period of joining had been ended and there should be some sort of auditions. But seeing how Peyton easily followed the others when practicing and showed her promising great talent, she approved her at final. 

While letting Peyton at the ballet school, as usual he spent the day in the field. Unfortunately, again he made a mistake, he forgot to pick her up after school, it had been 2 hours late. Monique, the ballet teacher warned him, that the school is not a daycare and he must responsible to his daughter. As a 'punishment' for ignoring his daughter, Monique requested him to contribute on their ballet performance as one of the ballet performer that for sure, he would practice ballet together with them. 

One night, Tatiana came to visit Joe. He was like already waiting her for so long and was so excited to meet her. Peyton got jealous and tried so many ways to cease them from having dinner together including faking her allergy to dog. 

They were in quarrel and Peyton cried. She did not want to see him. Realizing that he was too harsh, Joe tried to persuade her to made up. He sang Elvis Presley' song while playing the guitar. Peyton accepted his apology. She mentioned that her mom loves his singing. Joe also told her that he likes her eyes which resemble her mom's a lot that what he likes from her mom. 

As what he promised, Joe diligently came to the ballet school for practicing. Being in the same place, he saw how determined Peyton was, such seeing himself in her. Peyton also worked hard for the ballet performance.

At the time of the performance, Peyton told him that she was feeling unwell and wanted to go home. Understanding her situation, Joe told her that, he had ever experienced the nervousness, but he said no to quit so Peyton should not quit as well as she had worked hard and already prepared this far. Having the supports, she continued the performance. It was running so well and incredibly beautiful. 

To celebrate the success, Joe and Peyton invited Monique to a lunch date with them. However, the good vibes turned in the contrary. Peyton was caught lying of being requested by her mom to stay with him. The fact was she ran away. Not yet finished explaining, she was experiencing allergic reaction. At first, Joe thought she just pretended, but Monique was really sure she did not lie. As the symptoms got worse, he immediately brought her to the nearest hospital, running, so fast like he ran while bringing the ball in football field. 

Fortunately, Peyton could survive, everyone felt relieved. A women dragged in with a red face, depositing an anger, and throwing it into Joe's face. She is Karen, Peyton's aunt whom she told him that she already passed away. What a surprising plot twist, no one expects that Peyton would create such a fake stories. Karen asked, "didn't she tell that Sara (her mom) die in a car accident?" Joe was surprised, it is his ex-wife who died, not Karen. 

Considering how bad what she did to his dad that might affect his career, she decided to go home with her aunt. Joe was broken hearted, he wished Peyton chose to stay with him.

The championship games finally began, a reporter asked him whether he considered his daughter as a distraction for his career so Peyton did not stay with him anymore, then Joe clarified, she is never a distraction and even he could end his career in football just for her to show how he loves her very much.

Joe could not perform well and got injured. His team was almost lost, until Peyton came to support him. She repeated the same thing what Joe told her when she was about to give up. To say no to quit. Thus, he continued the game, saved the team, and grabbed the victory at final. The best thing in his life is not the victory in the game, but winning Peyton's heart. Karen allowed Peyton to stay with him.


What I like from the movies are 3 points. Firstly, the plot of the stories are not boring and surprising. I never expect that Peyton would lie regarding the existence of her mother. The one who were in Africa was not her mom, instead Karen, her aunt. Honestly, I didn't judge her lies, instead I could understand the reason why Peyton did this. 

Having the loss of her mom, probably initiated her to find his dad no matter what how to, because I know too, love from aunt is not the same as the love from parents. I really appreciate her brave to go this far which finally united her with her long lost dad who now loves her a lot. Anyway, I am happy for you Peyton! 

Even though I am happy for her, I could not agree with the act of lying to achieve something. For creating a good thing, the process should be in a good way as well.

Anyway, secondly, every scene is beautiful, my most favorite scene is in ballet performance. I like their customs, the properties, and the backdrop. All is so pleasing, wonderful! This is what I want to see, wish to see it directly in front of the stage. 

Thirdly, it is combined with humor, I laughed a lot, it made me happy, for example when Joe was teased with his jacket that was full of beads or his colorful nails made by Peyton. I did not expect that it was so natural, particularly Peyton, as a young age, she could act perfectly. They didn't look like a newbie in film industry. 

The moral value that I got from the movie is "to say no to quit", Joe became the legend because he did not give up when there is a valid chance to give up, but he chose not to. There is always a miracle if we try. We never know if we never try.  

This movie is recommended to be watched, due to its pleasant stories, beautiful scene, and good acts. 

Disclaimer: I got all the pictures from google. I did not mean to spoil the story above, just for you who are curious about the synopsis and my review. 


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