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Chloe and Delgado in Chihuahua 1 Disney Movie

Chloe is a chihuahua owned by a wealthy business woman named Vivian. The life of Chloe is following her owner which is is full of glamorous and fancy things. She could buy all the expensive dog clothes including the shoes, hat, and its accessories. When you can't afford a diamond necklace, she has a lot of those blinks. Getting together with other high class dogs is her normal life, they share foods while laying on the couch staring to the swimming pool elegantly. What an extraordinary life of dogs in Beverly Hills. 

One day, Vivian had an emergency meeting, but she could not bring Chloe to her business trip, so she asked her niece, Rachel, to take care of Chloe. The relationship of Chloe and Rachel is like Timmy Turner and his Nanny in Fairy Odd Parents, they are not getting along. Rachel was poorly looking after Chloe. As she was busy partying with her friends, she forgot to feed Chloe properly. 

Chloe went out from the hotel to find good foods. However, it turned out harming herself. She was abducted and brought to a smuggling. There, she firstly met Delgado, a German Shepherd. It's not a smuggling that we usually know where a place for wild dogs and getting trafficked, instead they are being pitted and the people bet for the winner. 

Chloe's opponent was 3 times bigger than her. Obviously, she could not win and even she could die in one attack. With his protector instinct, Delgado broke his cage and ran immediately to save Chloe from the fight field. Of course, Chloe felt grateful and promised him if he could bring her back to the hotel, she would introduce him to her family to be adopted. 

Successfully arrived in hotel, Chloe asked him to wait in front. Hence, Delgado waited obediently, he was excited to join a new family anyway. However, after several minutes, Chloe had not appeared yet. He started feeling insecure. Until he saw her happily having dinner together with her humans. Delgado felt being forgotten and fool for trusting her promise. Hence, he went off. 

The truth was, it was not Chloe, it was another Chihuahua so he was wrongly recognized her. What really happened was, she was struggling to enter the hotel but then rejected by the security as she was full of dirt, smelly, and worn out. She forgot, she had been undergoing adventurous scene all day. 

Getting back to the front of hotel, how surprised she was, Delgado was not there. No choice, but to wander on the street by herself. She was so starving until a little boy throwing a bread for her. However, it was not easy as there were also other local dogs that fought for it. The worst thing was, Diablo came over to catch Chloe, a  fierce Argentinean-Bolivian Doberman Pinscher that was sent by the evil ringleader. He knew how valuable Chloe is by looking at her blinking necklace. 

Again, Delgado was aware that Chloe in danger. He fought back Diablo and ran to save Chloe for the second time. Delgado then knew the truth and promised to help her meet her owner. They ran farther to avoid Diablo, then getting on a small truck in a local market and take a long journey all the night. 

They continued the journey by catching the train. Delgado asked Chloe to get on the train first, he said that it will bring her to the safe place. 

Chloe jumped but wondering why he had not jumped yet when the train was about to start moving. Delgado made it clear, he turned back avoiding the train. He did not intend to go with her, just escorted her getting on the train. In that situation, I don't know what is in Delgado's mind so he made that decision.

By all means, she felt disappointed as he had already promised her to always be with her until she finally meet her owner. I could validate her frustrated feeling when being abandoned by the one she trusted. The feeling was like being lied. 

Delgado kept moving forward without turning around. In fact, he had an inner conflict his mind, whether to turn around or not. When the train had started moving, he made new decision, to immediately turn around and try to catch the train. "Promise is promise", he said to himself, so he ran after the train with difficulty. Knowing he turned around and tried to get on the train, Chloe happily helped him get on.

Disclaimer: all the pictures were taken from google.


The journey to meet her owner is still far, you can watch further in Chihuahua 1 Disney Movie. What I point out in this posting is the sincere friendship made between Chloe and Delgado. I really appreciate their friendship. Both have hearty feeling to help each other. Delgado helped Chloe to meet her owner, and Chloe promised Delgado to have a new family. 

However, in every friendship made, it never only about happy things, there is always conflicts that create the relation dynamic. In this movie, both had feeling disappointed when the promise made was (almost) broken. The scene when Delgado waited in front of the hotel but Chloe had not appeared yet and the scene when Delgado escorted Chloe to the train but he did not join. 

The good things were both did not break the promise at final, though the situation was difficult. "Promise is a promise".

Another thing that I like is that the movie is a light story but is richly packaged. The details presented helps the story become outstanding. The acts and interactions between dogs were made natural as we know it is impossible to have the dogs act as we want perfectly. It is a sure thing they involve technology. 

If you watch Chihuahua 1 completely, you will find more stories, the friendship story between Chloe and Delgado is only small portion of the stories that was presented. Every story has its own lesson learned. As a spoiler, it leaves a message to save wild animals and to commit for a whole life. Those animals need home, need family.

Honestly, the message had knocked me down. I am reminded with my cat, I could not bring her to live together with me. It was a difficult decision, as everything happened so suddenly. I had no choice. I know I have to commit my whole life with her, but I just broke my promise. I never predict that we will be separated before. 

I thought it was only me who depressed, so does my cat. My sister in law kept telling me how she is more silent after my leaving and how she goes back and forth to my ex-bedroom where we used to stay together. She probably missed the memories we left there. 

What makes me even sadder was in my last visit after a month had not met yet, she did not recognize me, she only remembers the room we share, but not me. Probably I was the source of her wound that she wanted to erase. She might feel frustrated being abandoned by me. I am really sorry for breaking my promise Cimol, my  dear cat, truly I never want this to happen. As if I could bring you here, we would stay together. 

I could not do any better things to fix this, what I can do is only crying, hating, and blaming myself for not being a good human for you. But, you need to know Cimol, I pray to God, to give me another chance to be with you and take care of you. Pleaseee be happy Cimol, don't be depressed like me. I miss your cheerfulness, miss your energy, miss your smile, miss your sleeping, I miss you in my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

I hope we can end up living happily ever after like Chloe and her human to show you that I keep my promise at final like what Delgado did to Chloe, so I hope it is just the matter of the time, I haven't broken my promise yet, let the time shows it, wait me Cimollllll.


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