Sunday, February 19, 2023

Are We Doing Right?

God, are we doing right?


still looking for the answer. 

As if we are the worst.

And she is the best.

I only could scream in my mind, 

please stop all this shits. 

Manipulating as she is the victim. 

Hell yeah, it's you witch!

Couldn't you just be silent 

and never be present between us? 

Who are you?

We will never admit you, b*tch!

Isn't it enough 

to make us separated?



What else do you want?

but never ask for acknowledgement,

it's a big NO!

Could we just mind our own life?

You are not the queen,

but yes for drama queen.

I am tired,

I want this to end.

Don't bother us again, 




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